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The Comfortable Choice for Adult Diapers

Posted by PBE Webmaster on Wed, Mar 16 2016 07:58:41
Incontinence patients must wear absorbent undergarments every day, frequently all day. Tranquility Products wants to make our customers as comfortable as possible. The two main elements to comfort in adult diapers are fit and feel.

When Incontinence Strikes Young

Posted by PBE Webmaster on Wed, Mar 09 2016 09:02:58
While incontinence is typically thought of as a problem affecting older adults, young people can suffer from it as well. When infant diapers are too small or do not hold enough liquid, Tranquility’s broad range of youth and teen diapers can be the answer.

Insurance Coverage for Incontinence Supplies

Posted by PBE Webmaster on Wed, Mar 02 2016 11:28:03
Tamera Weeks, vlogger and mother to a daughter with cerebral palsy, has been using Tranquility Products for years. In a recent YouTube video, she shows her followers Tranquility’s new streamlined packaging and explains how her family receives our products under insurance coverage.