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How to Reduce the Symptoms of Incontinence

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Tue, Jun 28 2016 23:00:00
Incontinence has numerous causes and a spectrum of severities. Although battling incontinence symptoms might seem endless, there are practices that you can follow to reduce their intensity. Sufferers of stress incontinence, urge incontinence and even complete incontinence can benefit from these tips.

Adult Diaper Banks

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Wed, Jun 22 2016 08:47:41
Patients that suffer from incontinence know that it can be tricky to constantly keep adult diapers on hand. In addition to standard purchases to meet common physical needs, the customer’s budget must stretch to accommodate this new need.

Why Double Diapering Is Not the Best Solution for You

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Mon, Jun 13 2016 10:11:58
It's become common practice for caregivers and consumers alike to try double diapering, or layering incontinence products, if they are concerned that the adult diaper they are using isn't absorbing enough fluid.

The Emotional Aspects of Urinary Incontinence

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Tue, Jun 07 2016 13:46:33
When considering urinary incontinence, the first details that normally come to mind are the physical signs. While the tangible symptoms are a defining factor, there are emotional and psychological consequences of this condition that are potentially even more unpleasant than the physical symptoms themselves.