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Diagnosing Stress Incontinence

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Tue, Jul 19 2016 23:00:00
Stress incontinence occurs when the bladder leaks urine during activities that put it under pressure. Activities such as coughing, laughing, lifting a heavy object, changing positions, or exercising can cause leaks. While this can be an embarrassing problem, Tranquility Products makes discreet urinary incontinence supplies that can let you live without fear.

Vitality Medical Tests EliteCare Briefs

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Tue, Jul 12 2016 23:00:00
Have you ever wondered just how much liquid an adult diaper can hold? Sure, you may have seen the capacity graphics on the Tranquility Products website, but have you actually measured out those amounts of liquid to see what they look like in real life?

Waterproof Adult Diapers For Swimming

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Tue, Jul 05 2016 23:00:00
Summer is finally here! Along with warm weather and sunny days come pool outings, beach trips and other water fun. For those that love to swim, bowel incontinence might seem like a barrier to enjoying a favorite activity. However, thanks to Tranquility Products’ Swimmates™ adult swim diapers, it does not have to be.