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Heavy Protection

These products work best with Overflow Incontinence which is when the bladder fills beyond capacity, bladder pressure increases, and urine is released. Mobility issues often lead to overflow incontinence. 

Amount of Void:                     Mobility:                      Fecal:                           

16 oz. per episode                    assistance                    episode                                               

Products designed to hold 3 cups    = 24 fluid oz. under pressure (2-3 voids) 




Stay Active With Tranquility’s Premium™ DayTime Disposable Underwear  Tranquility’s Premium DayTime Disposable Absorbent  adult diapers provides superior protection for even the most active lifestyle. These extra absorbent adult diapers offer outstanding protection and absorption. As a leadin... Read More


The Super-Plus Liner is a comfortable solution for larger sizes. Worn with snug fitting brief-style underwear.  The liner has no adhesive strip.  The liner has a moisture-proof backing with the highly absorbent peach core which provides excellent absorption capacity maintaining skin dryness and ... Read More


SlimLine Orignal Disposable Brief  Tranquility’s SlimLine Original Disposable Brief is an ultra thin adult diaper that offers maximum protection without the bulky feeling of other incontinence supplies. The slim design and form fitting construction will help boost confidence while providing t... Read More