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Moderate Protection

These products work best with Urge Incontinence  which is a sudden urge to urinate that cannot be held long enough to reach the bathroom. (Stroke, diabetes, urinary tract infections, dementia)

Amount of Void:                     Mobility:                      Fecal:                          

10 oz. per episode                    active/semi                   more than a smear                                              

Products designed to hold 2 cups  = 16 fluid oz. under pressure 



Belted Undergarments are worn inside regular underwear or in place of.  The super-absorbent polymers contained in the peach core provide extra absorbent capacity, excellent skin dryness, and odor reduction. They have a waterproof, cloth-like outer layer and the convenient easy adjustable self-gr... Read More


Adult liners have an adhesive strip on the back, to be worn in regular underwear for a discreet appearance that helps to maintain a normal active lifestyle.  Their peach core has excellent absorption capacities and helps maintain skin dryness and odor reduction. Latex-free. Read More


Personal Care Pads have 3 levels of absorbency, in 3 different sizes to conform to individual needs. The soft peach core and 2 embossed channels direct fluid into the product providing skin dryness and odor reduction while protecting delicate skin from the effects of wetness. Gentle elastics for... Read More