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Our Commitment

In 1961, Lee and Jim Mitchell decided to go into business together with a unique idea of foam slippers (now known as "Pillow Paws") which ultimately proved to be very helpful in preventing slips and falls in hospitals and other healthcare settings.  They named their company Principle Business Enterprises, Inc.  because they both were intent on establishing the venture on a “Principle” of ethics and honesty.   That name and the “purpose clause” of the company’s charter have stood the test of time as a solid foundation for daily operations.  The purpose clause reads:  “To operate its business affairs in such manner as will accord with that fixed principle which will destine it do nothing but that which is honorable and will promote a high standard of business ethics in its own affairs and may tend to raise and leaven the standard of business ethics of the community. “*

PBE has now passed its 50th anniversary and the same foundation principles guide a second generation of ownership, Carol Mitchell Stocking and Chuck Stocking.  The company has grown from its tiny beginnings as a slipper company to a highly respected, technology-based business with a core competency in the area of absorbent structures that are incorporated into healthcare, industrial and consumer products.   In recent years the company has been capturing the attention of healthcare industry leaders because it has been able to prove that its products can, indeed, dramatically improve clinical outcomes and the quality of life for its users while at the same time driving cost and waste out of today’s healthcare. 

As successive generations of leaders take the helm of PBE, the foundation remains constant…develop highest-performing niche products and support them with exceptional customer service.  In recent years the company has had 3 simple objectives: to make a meaningful difference in the markets served; to offer an exceptional workplace experience for company associates; and to be a profitable and sustainable enterprise that will continue to develop and evolve over the years…periodically “reinventing itself” and constantly creating honorable employment opportunities.

Appreciation is expressed for the remarkably loyal customers and caring professionals who have contributed to the continuing development of great products to meet humanity’s needs.  And, of course, as an “individual-centered business” the heart of it all is the PBE workforce and our desire to create a working habitat where life revolves around mission, honest achievement, teamwork, light heartedness and natural affection for the families and individuals who are involved.  Again and again, the foundation principles provide a reliable starting point that we gratefully stand upon in all we do.  It’s our simple starting point, standpoint and foundation. 


Carol and Chuck Stocking

Mission Statement

To be an example of the right idea of business that operates and prospers from a principled base that tends toward uplifting, enlightening and enriching the lives of those it serves - "that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly."

Family of Quality