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Continence Levels Assessment Guide


The measure of “absorbency” of all Tranquility products uses a test method that simulates wearing conditions.  The amount of fluid that is absorbed and retained (after pressure is applied) is measured in fluid ounces.  The individual product absorbency level is represented by easy-to-read standard measuring cups.   A normal urine void is 8 – 12 fluid ounces.  When searching for the right product one needs to take into consideration the following factors:  mobility of the end-user, whether or not there is bowel incontinence and the clarity of thought (confusion or dementia).


Light Protection

Amount of Void:                    Mobility:                      Fecal:                           

 3.4 oz. per episode                  active                           smear                                                  

Best for:

Stress Incontinence is leakage of small amounts of urine due to sudden pressure on the bladder. (Coughing, laughing, exercising bending, lifting a heavy object)

 Products designed to hold 1 cup = 8 fluid oz. under pressure (2-3sneezes/coughs)


Moderate Protection

Amount of Void:                     Mobility:                      Fecal:                           

10 oz. per episode                  active/semi                   smear+                                            

Best for:

Urge Incontinence is a sudden urge to urinate that cannot be held long enough to reach the bathroom. (Stroke, diabetes, urinary tract infections, dementia)

Products designed to hold 2 cups = 16 fluid oz. under pressure


Heavy Protection

Amount of Void:                     Mobility:                      Fecal:                           

16 oz. per episode                    assistance                    episode                                               

Best for:

Overflow Incontinence is when the bladder fills beyond capacity and bladder muscles are under pressure and are unable to hold the urine. A feeling of never being able to empty the bladder (mobility issues, fecal episodes)

Products designed to hold 3 cups = 24 fluid oz. under pressure (2-3 voids)


Maximum Protection

Amount of Void:                     Mobility:                      Fecal:                           

18 oz. per episode                    active/immobile             episodes                                             

Best for:

Reflex Incontinence is when the bladder involuntarily empties without any sensation of a full bladder. (Herniated disk, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury)

Functional Incontinence when the bladder involuntarily totally empties and one cannot reach the bathroom fast enough. (restricted mobility, arthristis, medications, psychosocial disorders)

Products designed to hold 4 cups(1-quart) = 32oz fluid oz. under pressure (sleep uninterrupted)


Added Protection for Extended Wear and Leakage Control

Products designed to hold additional 2-3 1/2 cups = 14-27 extra fluid oz. under pressure  

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