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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our products can be used to help with incontinence from various situations.  Below, we have grouped some testimonials according to specific situations.  


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"In the year of 2002 I was dianosed with MS.  I get my shots 3 times a week..  It is called rebif- by interferon.  The shots makes me urinate a lot and also no control over my bowels.  I was using Depends underwear for a long time, until I came across a company that told me that Tranquility holds more fluid. I didn't even like to buy Depends in front of my co-workers.  Thanks again to you." L.H. Age 56, West Virginia

"As things have changed fo me, and I have needed to use protection in order to live life as normally as possible, I am grateful I found Tranquility underwear as it has been the only brand that I don't have to constantly worry "if it will work."  By far this is the most reliable product I have used.  I can count on Tranquility underwear to keep liquid and odor completely hidden and I can focus on greeting new customers instead." G.R. Age 46, Massachusetts

"The Tranquility overnight underwear works beautifully for my mother.  They are very absorbent and easily pull up and fit her well.  To remove the soiled underwear the waist is easy to tear to remove and then slide the clean underwear up over her knees to give her some amount of modesty."  J.S. Age 85, Virginia

"These products made it possible for my mother-in-law to have a normal social life and to be able to leave her home for social outings.  Before Tranquility she had major leakage to the extent she had to travel with multiple changes of clothing and furniture protectors.  After Tranquility we have had no breakthrough leakage and she wants to go out and have fun."  

P.B. Age 77, Michigan

"Only recently did I discover the Tranquility Incontinence products for use with my mother.  She has been in diapers for 19 months and 17 of those months were trial and error with every product on the market.  After using the Tranquility products, my life has become less stressful and mother's difficuliteis more manageable.  I only wish I had dicovered Tranquility products sooner."  S.R. Age 83, Oklahoma

"When my wife had her final breakdown (had been coming on for several years) I was in the survival/panic mode (we also have a disabled son living with us). After trying many other brands I had to start ordering many things over the internet.  It was then that I found your site and found that your products exceeded my expectations and have made my wife's and my life much better.  Thank you very much for your outstanding products." L.B. Age 72, California

"As a baby boomer caregiver for my mother, Tranquility products have made our life a bit easier.  Through trial and error we feel that Tranquility products are the best at keeping our mother dry, clean, bedsore free, and comfortable.  The diapers fit and the night time diapers give us peace of mind that she is wearing the best we have found to keep her dry and safe through the night.  She is a large woman and Tranquility has accounted for her size and shape.  She has been 24 hour care for 10 years."  M.P. Age 92, Florida

"My mother is 92 years old with dementia and other mental health problems.  She is in a family group home and is totally incontinent for both stool and urine.  She needs a small because she is so tiny (under 100 lbs).  Tranquility overnight disposable pull up underwear is the first one that we have tried that doesn't allow urine to leak out around the leg.  This has been a real find for us and she is not leaking any more. THANK YOU."  J. E. Age 92, Washington





"After 8 years of usage, I am glad that you were able to provide me with the different stages of absorbency.  As of now, I am using the maximum protection and hope that you continue to provide these for a long time.  They are better than any other." B.T. Age 96, Florida

"My husband recently had a prostatectomy.  He has worn many different types of incontinence products.  The overnight underwear has proven to be the best fitting, has provided the most protection and the most comfortable."  F.C. Age 66, New Jersey

"I care for my mom. I was getting so tired from getting up at night and lifting my mom- bed to chair to toilet and back.  A friend told us about nighttime underwear where you don't know you are wet and your skin stays dry so I ordered some and what a life saver for mom and for me.  Then I tried the daytime ones and they are comfy my mom says.  We both get to sleep now most of the night.  It's made a difference that she can still stay home.  She wears the overnight day and night now as she gets weaker. He skin is nice."  L.E. Age 92, Maine

"My mother had a stroke in 2012.  I was told that she would need an adult diaper.  I went to the local superstore and purchased x-large brief.  They didn't work.  When I went to a medical supply store and asked for bariatric products I was luckily given a sample.  I tried it and loved it.  The fit, the durability, and especially the liquid capacity makes her as comfortable as possible."  C.R. Age 50, Florida





"I am so thankful to have found the ATN Youth briefs.  Our son had outgrown the size 6 diapers, plus we were going through 5-6 diapers a day.  Now, with the super absorbency of the Tranquility Briefs I only use about 3 per day.  Also, no more wet pants.  Now we literally go "All Through the Night" without a worry.  Thank you so much for this product." M.R. Age 15, New York

"After trying several other brands, I have found Tranquility to be the only brand of youth size diapers that truly hold enough urine.  They do not have tons of unnecessary plastic on the top either.  The fit is perfect for my 5 year old and he never gets red marks on his legs." R.B. Age 5, Indiana

"We were in need of something to follow the Huggies Pull-ups (Jumbo size) w/Tranquility Booster Pad as they are getting too small. We love your products. Thank you." M.M. Age 9, California

"The youth briefs fit better than any other brand we tried.  They fit perfect and are great quality.  This is a great company -- very helpful and friendly service." C.H. Age 10 Florida