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Tranquility Products are unique in both quality and absorbency. Our patented technology and superabsorbent polymers are present in each Tranquility product.

The superabsorbent polymers in our Tranquility products quickly “wick” fluids away from the skin surface, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.  This is especially important in maintaining the skin integrity of compromised or aging skin.

 All of our Tranquility Products are backed by our Peach Mat Guarantee which guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction, pH neutralization and inhibition of bacterial growth. 

Tranquility Products offer a full range of moisture management solutions which are customized to meet the needs of those you care for. Because of the super absorbent properties, Tranquility products have a longer wear time, thus, promoting longer periods of uninterrupted sleep at night and longer social time during the day.

Finally, it’s important to recognize the financial gains with the use of Tranquility super absorbent products due to decreases in the following:

  • Product utilization
  • Skin barrier products
  • Clothing and linen changes (due to leakage)
  • Treatment costs for skin related issues

We are committed to building a partnership and assisting with improving the quality of life for those you serve. Our clinical staff will work with you to assess individual needs and offer solutions.

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