June 13, 2016
Senior Woman Nurse Shoulder

Why Double Diapering Is Not the Best Solution for You

It’s become common practice for caregivers and consumers alike to try double diapering, or layering incontinence products, if they are concerned that the adult diaper they
June 7, 2016
Man Depressed

The Emotional Aspects of Urinary Incontinence

When considering urinary incontinence, the first details that normally come to mind are the physical signs. While the tangible symptoms are a defining factor, there are
May 6, 2016
Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Brief – 2412-2414

Introducing New Tranquility® EliteCare® Adult Brief

Last month, Tranquility Products added a new offering to its adult diaper product line. Introducing the new Tranquility® EliteCare® Disposable Briefs, a solution for all day
March 16, 2016
Measuring Tape

The Comfortable Choice for Adult Diapers

Adult Diaper Fit Tranquility customers compliment us on the sizing and fit of our briefs and underwear. An optimal fit is essential to the wearer’s comfort.