February 10, 2016

DYK: Hydrocephalus and urinary incontinence issues

Tranquility offers an extensive array of products to meet a full range of incontinence needs. Some people suffering from hydrocephalus have urinary incontinence issues. According to
December 15, 2015
Senior Man

How to Control Urinary Incontinence Odors

There are many concerns among people with urinary incontinence. One of these concerns is how to control the odors associated with incontinence while trying to manage your
November 23, 2015
Senior Man Travel

Exploring the World with Incontinence

Just because you or a loved one has urinary incontinence, doesn’t mean you can’t go out, let alone fly out of the country and explore different
March 2, 2015
Woman Sleeping

Caring for Loved Ones with Nighttime Incontinence

By: Melissa Napier, MS, BSN Nurse Consultant, Principle Business Enterprises Sleep. One third of our life should be so simple.  Sleep is healing, restorative, and vitally important