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Principle Business Enterprises, (PBE) is a woman-owned, family enterprise celebrating over 55 years of service to the healthcare field and over 30 years as a pioneer in the development of advanced absorbent technologies. PBE is acknowledged as the innovation and quality leader in high performance niche products that address clinical and safety risks in healthcare that drive needless waste and cost out of healthcare and dramatically improve the quality of life for those with chronic health challenges.

Pillow Paws Footwear Solutions

Pillow Paws

The Pillow Paws® brand of patient safety footwear offers the utmost quality, comfort and patient safety in the healthcare market. The wide array of Pillow Paws® patient footwear products is designed to meet the full range of clinical patient care needs, featuring high-quality offerings produced with the finest materials for maximum patient safety and comfort.

PromoTreds Custom Printed Slipper Socks


PromoTreds® slipper socks are warm, fun and colorful socks imprinted with a slip-resistant tread. Special “puff” ink is used to both imprint a custom message and create a flexible, slip-resistant tread. PromoTreds® slipper socks blend the perfect combination of fun and function to create a high-impact promotional item.

Pro Jump Gear

Pro Jump Gear

Pro Jump Gear™ Traction Control Footwear products offer trampoline facilities fun, affordable and high quality footwear options that promote safety and brand recognition.

NeutroPhase for Wound Care


A revolutionary new way to treat wounds, NeutroPhase® for Wound Care is a proprietary, FDA cleared 510(k) skin and wound cleanser consisting of pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) as a preservative in saline. NeutroPhase® eliminates the difficult choice between clearing the wound of stifling microorganisms or protecting newly granulating tissue.