Incontinence protection that works for your
real-life needs.

VA Benefits cover Tranquility products at no cost to you.

Personalized Sample Kit to fit your needs

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  1. Tape-Tab Style Briefs
  2. Pull-On Style Underwear
  3. Tranquility Male Guard
  4. Tranquility Super Personal Care Pad
  5. Tranquility Underpad

Real Life Experience

“I have dealt with urinary incontinence since an injury in the Marine Corps when I was 19 years old. During the last 30 years, I have tried many different products and Tranquility has proven to be the most reliable solution. As a civil engineer I go to a lot of job sites for extended periods, oftentimes with no facilities available. Your products give me the peace of mind and freedom I need to plan my day around my work, and not my bladder issues. Thank you for a great product!”
– J.J. Long Beach, CA

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