Best in Class Absorbency Rating under “Real World” Conditions

Capacity claims can be confusing. Some brands show “drops of fluid” or use terms, such as; “super,” “extra,” or “supreme” to indicate product absorbency or capacity.

Two measurable indicators are C.U.P. and ISO*. The Tranquility Product Family uses the C.U.P. method and displays actual product fluid capacity in standard 8 ounce measuring cups.

C.U.P. (Capacity Under Pressure) is the recommended way PBE tests because it gives a more “real world” indication of what the product will hold in actual use. After the product has been soaked in synthetic urine, pressure is applied to simulate the kind of pressure a wearer would exert on the saturated product. The amount of fluid remaining after pressure has been applied is defined as the C.U.P. capacity. The reality is that wearers of incontinence products are sitting, standing, walking, or lying down – all of which exerts pressure on the product. Experienced caregivers are acutely aware that a product’s RETENTION is the key factor in incontinence management.

Absorbency rating is shown by easy to understand graphics located on packaging.

CUP Graphic

*ISO (International Standards Organization) is a test method that measures capacity that only records the amount of fluid a product can absorb without any pressure applied (free-swell). The level of fluid that is retained is the ISO capacity.

Peach Mat Guarantee®

Peach Mat

Exclusive to Tranquility Premium Protection Products

Tranquility products are carefully engineered to provide premium protection. The Peach Mat construction uses a proprietary composite structure of tissues, superabsorbent polymers, cellulose and liquid dispersing materials. The peach-colored core assures the product is the Tranquility brand. The clinically proven design guarantees four key factors:

Skin Dryness – Moist skin is prone to irritation, breakdown and the formation of pressure sores. Tranquility products instantly absorb moisture and trap large volumes of urine that will not “leak out” even under pressure. The result is drier, better skin integrity.

Odor Reduction – One of the most distressing yet pervasive characteristics of incontinence is the telltale ammonia odor of urine. Tranquility products eliminate urine odor.

Inhibition of Bacterial Growth – Unabsorbed urine is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other organisms. These can easily lead to complications, including urinary tract infections. Tranquility products lock away urine creating a safer skin environment.

Urine Neutralization – The pH levels of urine are unhealthy for skin. Tranquility products quickly capture urine and neutralize the pH level to promote skin safety.

The Tranquility Advantage

Quality of Life

  • Confidence of no leakage or odor.
  • Restoration of normal socialization ends isolation.
  • Uninterrupted sleep patterns promote healing and well-being.
  • Elimination of wetness, cold and discomfort reduce nighttime toileting.
  • Fewer changes lessen caregiver fatigue.
  • No leakage means less laundering of clothing and bedding.
  • Reduction of frustration and caregiver burnout.

Clinical Benefits

  • Tranquility technology protects fragile skin from irritation and rashes.
  • Urinary tract infection and skin breakdown are reduced in most cases by inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • Injury from incontinence related slips and falls are reduced.
  • Risk of strain/injury to caregivers is reduced by lowering the number of changes.

Economic Benefits

  • Total cost savings: high absorbent capacity means fewer changes, fewer units purchased, fewer units to dispose and less labor required.
  • Laundry cost savings: fewer clothing/bedding changes due to leakage, less detergent and water usage, longer linen life and less labor.