Real Stories & Reviews from Real Users

We are inspired by experiences with loved ones who deserve better incontinence solutions and believe the testimonials our customers submit may lead others to find the incontinence management solution they’ve been seeking. Read on to see how our real customers have been positively affected by the products we have to offer.

Real Stories & Reviews from Wearers

“These products are by far the most ‘freedom-giving’ and really give me my life back. I feel free to be active, travel, swim again, bend, lift, reach and twist without worrying about being wet or leaking.”

– Barbara, Wearer, Ohio

“I am 63 years old, and I’ll probably never be able to stop wearing adult diapers. I am totally fine with that, because I am totally confident with the Tranquility® ATN™ (All-Through-the-Night) Briefs.”

– David, Wearer, Minnesota

“I thought I would never be able to go anywhere outside of my home. But then a nurse introduced me to Tranquility®, and my life started over. … Thank you for giving my life back.”

– Helen, Wearer

“Thank goodness for all the information and support Tranquility® offers on their website. People diagnosed with different incontinence issues really need to be directed to an expert or at least a rich information source such as”

– George, Wearer, Maryland

“The extra-sized material of your Tranquility® Bariatric Briefs wraps around me, eliminating the “popping tape” I experienced with other briefs for large people I was given previously. The padding in the front and back help to alleviate the pain from sitting all day.”

– Kathleen, wearer

“I finally found peace of mind. Your great product has given me the confidence to know I’ll be safe from embarrassment in my home or out in public.”

– Diane, Wearer

Real Stories & Reviews from Caregivers

“I called Tranquility® and spoke to a live customer service agent without having to go through 15 menu items – how nice is that! … She was pleasant, very helpful and knew exactly what I needed. She sent free samples that arrived in just a few days. … She even gave us phone numbers of local retailers in our area for our convenience. Amazing, wonderful company.”

– Loree, Caregiver, Illinois

“The Tranquility® line of diapers, underpads and diaper inserts have been a true answer to our prayers. Their moisture-proof barrier, soft comfort design, gentle elastic around the legs and breathability have provided my son with a dry bed and exceptional comfort, while eliminating the skin itching.”

– Carolyn, Caregiver, Michigan

“When I found out that Tranquility® offers a range of youth sizes that can bridge the gap for my young daughter, I was ecstatic. I worked with the Medicaid specialist from Tranquility to find a new supplier that could deliver Tranquility right to my home. I was so thankful to hear from Tranquility when I first reached out. You have no idea how many suppliers I’ve called and emailed, but received no response.”

– Mom, Caregiver

“My wife and I are no longer up checking and changing Mom’s brief every two hours. Everyone is getting better quality sleep … Mom, my wife and me. … Tranquility® ATN™ (All-Through-the-Night) Briefs have given us back a little sleep and made our days less burdensome, by reducing the number of changes. Thank you!”

– Ken, Caregiver

“As a full-time caregiver to my wife, I discovered Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Underwear, which I put on her at bedtime. They work! I can get a reasonable night’s sleep, have more patience and don’t have to change the sheets.”

– Caregiver, New Jersey

“The Tranquility® products have always kept our daughter’s skin healthy (no rashes, breakdown of skin, etc.) and also give her security and dignity.”

– Heather, Caregiver, Ohio

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If you use Tranquility products as a wearer, caregiver or medical professional, we’d love to hear your story of success!

Real Stories & Reviews from Clinicians

“We trialed Tranquility® at my community and I really liked them. Skin breakdown has improved a lot and residents have been sleeping longer with fewer check-and-changes needed. This has allowed residents to have better days and be more active.”

– Caregiving Professional, Midwest Long-Term Care Community

“We have trialed several brands but have yet to find one that keeps our residents as dry as Tranquility® Briefs. They have decreased moisture-associated skin injuries and fungal infections greatly.”

– Clinician, Northeast U.S. Veterans care facility

“We trialed the Tranquility® AIR-Plus™ Bariatric Briefs size 4-5XL for a resident and had amazing results. He no longer is suffering from a fungal rash and his UTIs have significantly decreased.”

– Clinician, Northeast U.S. Veterans care facility

“My advice to anyone seeking a new booster pad product is, once you use Tranquility® TopLiner® Booster Contour Pads, you’ll never use anything else.”

– John, Caregiver

“It was so much better because we had time to tend to the residents.”

– TJ, Caregiving Professional, Skilled Care Facility, Ohio

Real Stories & Reviews from Dealers

“The Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Disposable Absorbent Underwear is our bestseller because of its superior quality. Our customers appreciate not having to use double the number of products, no more soiled linens, and reduced pressure sores. Most importantly, the wearer sleeps and their caregiver sleeps, too, making it a happier morning for everyone.”

– Tranquility DME provider, California

“That is so amazing that Tranquility® is able to supply samples to our customers. I know they have been struggling to find something that works for them, and I am excited to bring these new options to them.”

– Jamara, Medical Supply Provider, Illinois

“The Tranquility® AIR-Plus™ Breathable Underpad demonstration blew me away! I now use and recommend this product to all my homecare clients.”

– Case Manager

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