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We offer hard-to-find toddler and youth sizes if your child has outgrown baby-sized products. Order a sample from our selection below or contact us to learn more about our full range of youth and teen products.

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About Our Youth and Teen Products

Parents of children with complex healthcare needs, or older children and teenagers who experience nocturnal enuresis (nighttime bed wetting) and other forms of incontinence, will eventually outgrow baby-sized diapers and pull-on products. This transition can be difficult, especially for those who think the only possible next step is to switch directly into small adult diapers.

The good news is, Tranquility specializes in making a wide selection of incontinence care products designed specifically to properly fit older children, teens and young adults.

What Are Youth and Teen Diapers?

A youth or teen diaper is a smaller-sized adult diaper worn by children and teens, young adults or very petite adults. They differ from traditional children’s diapers, training pants, potty training products or other disposable incontinence garments in several ways. For one, they are typically higher-absorbency, providing greater protection against urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence. Some Tranquility youth and teen products hold over 20 oz of fluid!

Another difference is, while baby tape-tab products (“briefs”) usually have two fasteners, Tranquility youth and teen briefs have four. This will be explained in greater detail in the sizing section below.

Who Should Use Youth and Teen Diapers?

Any person who experiences incontinence and has outgrown diapers or pull-ons for babies, but does not yet fit into small adult diapers, should consider using youth and teen products. Children with complex healthcare needs are more likely to experience incontinence beyond the typical potty-training age (around 3 or 4), and in many cases, this will continue throughout their lives. Because of this, their incontinence supplies (including youth and teen products) may be covered by Medicaid, if they have a qualifying medical diagnosis and documentation. Incontinence product coverage benefits under Medicaid typically start for children with complex healthcare needs at ages 3 or 4, depending on the state they live in, because that is the age where children usually develop self-toileting skills.

NOTE: Parents whose children are born with a complex healthcare need should look into other potential Medicaid benefits or social services right away, to check if their child is eligible starting at birth.

How Should Youth or Teen Diapers Fit?

When selecting the right disposable incontinence product, whether for older children and teens, or petite adults, sizing and making sure that products properly fit should be a top priority. This will help ensure they help manage bowel or urinary incontinence as designed. A diaper that is too large or too small will not manage leaks effectively.

Tranquility teen and youth products offer a wide range of sizes, to fit a waistband from 15”-36” (38-91 cm) and recommended body weight of 22-125 lbs (10-57 kg). For convenience, use this handy conversion chart:

Tab Placement for Youth and Teen Products

Tape-tab or hook-and-loop tab placement for youth and teen briefs is different than baby diapers. Incorrectly using the same placement after the switch can be uncomfortable and cause unnecessary leaks.

Youth and teen products have four tabs, as opposed to two tabs for baby products, to ensure a more secure fit on a bigger body. As shown in the image, to get the correct tab placement for youth and teen briefs, fasten the bottom tabs first, angling them slightly upward. Next, fasten the top tape tabs and angle them to aim slightly downward.

While some baby brief tabs meet in the middle or attach near the center of the hips, youth and teen brief tabs must be applied to the side of the brief and should be secure. If the tabs meet more toward the middle, lined up with the inside of the legs, then the brief is probably too big and will not fit properly.

On the other hand, if the tabs are on the outside of the hips or must be pulled too tight to attach, this brief is too small. Finding the right brief and fit is crucial to comfort and skin health, and also important for helping the wearer sleep and minimize leaks.

What Size Diapers Should Be Used for What Age?

As noted above, Tranquility offers a wide range of youth and teen product sizes, fitting waistbands from 15”-36” (38-91 cm) and a recommended body weight of 22-125 lbs (10-57 kg).

We get a lot of questions from parents about what sizes they should order for their children, based on the child’s age. However, this is a hard question to answer, because waist sizes and body weight can vary greatly from person to person, regardless of their age. Boys and girls also typically are different weights and sizes, even when they are at the same age. This makes it very difficult to simply state, “someone who is [xx] years old should definitely wear a size [xx] product.”

Here is one way to answer that question more generally. You can search the Internet for an Average Height and Weight Chart, like this one, and then apply those measurements to the convenient product size conversion chart above. Here are a few examples of this:

What diapers fit a 7-year-old?

A 7-year-old girl would wear a Tranquility Size 7 Youth Brief or Youth Medium Pull-on Underwear. This is determined using the Average Height and Weight Chart above, which shows an average 7-year-old girl would be approximately 49.5 lbs (22.5 kg).

A 7-year-old boy would wear a Tranquility Size 7 Youth Brief or Youth Medium Pull-on Underwear. This is determined using the Average Height and Weight Chart above, which shows an average 7-year-old boy would be approximately 50.5 lbs (22.9 kg).

What diapers fit a 10-year-old?

A 10-year-old girl or boy would wear a Tranquility Size 8 Youth Brief or Youth Large Pull-on Underwear. This is determined using the Average Height and Weight Chart above, which shows an average 10-year-old girl or boy would be approximately 70.5 lbs (32.0 kg).

What diapers fit a 14-year-old?

A 14-year-old girl would wear a Tranquility Size 8 Youth Brief or Youth XL Pull-on Underwear. This is determined using the Average Height and Weight Chart above, which shows an average 14-year-old girl would be approximately 105.0 lbs (47.6 kg).

A 14-year-old boy would wear a Tranquility Size 8 Youth Brief or Youth XL Pull-on Underwear. This is determined using the Average Height and Weight Chart above, which shows an average 14-year-old boy would be approximately 112.0 lbs (50.8 kg).

What Else Should I Look for in a Youth or Teen Diaper?

When choosing youth or teen products, you can also consider things like:

  • Style: In general, they fall into two styles – briefs (or tape-tab briefs) or disposable underwear (or pull-ons). Pull-on style may be preferred by older children, teens and young adults who are more independent and desire a product that looks and feels more like normal underwear. Parents who change their child’s product may prefer briefs, which have more adjustable sizing and can be opened and re-closed for quick checks.
  • Material: The main two choices here are plastic-backed (poly-backed) or clothlike (cotton-like).A plastic-backed adult diaper is sometimes preferred by those who feel more protected with an extra layer of plastic on the outside of the diaper. However, it’s important to note that plastic-backed and clothlike products are equally as absorbent.Clothlike products feel more like normal underwear. They are soft and have a fair amount of stretch, plus are quiet during movement, compared to plastic-backed material, which is more likely to make a “rustling” noise. For this reason, some people prefer clothlike fabric because it provides comfort and discretion.
  • Absorbency: The amount of fluid that youth diapers can contain is not affected by the style or materials it is made from. It may be necessary to use a higher level of absorbency for nighttime than during the day, since it’s common to have large voids while sleeping.

Which Teen Diapers Does Tranquility Offer?


In addition to a full line of adult products, Tranquility has designed multiple youth diapers. For those 28-42 lbs, we have the Tranquility SlimLine® Original Brief (10.2-oz capacity). SlimLine features refastenable micro-hook closure tabs that grip the soft, clothlike backsheet for a secure fit and are available in size 4/5/6 for waist sizes 16”-22”. The Tranquility ATN™ (All-Through-the-Night) Brief is available in size 7/8 (or waist sizes 18”-26”), can absorb 18.5 oz of fluid and is a top-selling incontinence product.

Pull-On Underwear

Alternatively, if pull-on youth diapers are desired, try the Tranquility Premium OverNight™ Underwear with 20.3 oz of absorbency, available in sizes Youth Large and Youth XL.

Tranquility also features Tranquility Essential Underwear – Heavy youth diapers in three sizes: Youth Medium (15”-25” waist/hip), X-Small/Youth Large (17”-28”) and Small/Youth XL (22”-36”). All three sizes absorb 14.5 oz of fluid and feature breathable sides and a full-rise waist panel for a comfortable and secure fit.

You can also try Tranquility Essential Underwear – Moderate youth diapers in the Small/Youth XL size (22″-36″) that holds 10.1 oz.

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