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Medicaid or Waiver programs may cover premium incontinence products for your child(ren) over 3+ and older adults. Complete the form to receive a free sample from Tranquility.

  • Maximum absorbency allows for extended wear times
  • Quickly wicks away moisture for better skin health
  • Sizes from Youth 5/6 (28 lbs) through adults (4XL ; 250+ lbs)

Experience the Tranquility Difference

Elderly with nurse
Case Managers only want the BEST for our clients! I only recommend incontinence products from the maker of Tranquility for my disabled & elderly clients on Medicaid. Tranquility, Select, or Comfort Care brands help prevent leaking, skin breakdown, UTI’s, and embarrassing odor. My client’s quality of life is my #1 priority!

Kate M., Case Manager
Minneapolis, MN

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