Introducing the Tranquility Male Guard

Introducing the Tranquility Male Guard

Why Choose the Tranquility Male Guard

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The most absorbency of any men’s guard, contoured to fit a man’s body, protect against leaks and give you the freedom to get back to life!

Gentle Side Elastics

The flexible, body-conforming design forms a cup shape to prevent leakage, while comfortably moving with you during any activity.

Secure Comfort

Thanks to the cloth-like, moisture-proof backing and adhesive strip, the Tranquility Male Guard stays in place in snug fitting underwear; no uncomfortable sliding, no awkward adjusting, and most importantly: no leaks!

Soft and Gentle

The cloth-like backsheet is soft on skin, won’t bulge or crinkle, and allows full range of motion with no discomfort. Gentle sides move with you for optimal performance.

Where to Sample

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Where to Buy

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Helpful Instructions – For MEN

Male Guard Use Instructions

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Tranquility Male Guard

Introducing the Tranquility Male Guard – For Men!

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