VA Benefits may cover Tranquility products at no cost to you.

Personalized Sample Kit to fit your needs

More than 500,000 Veterans receiving care through Veterans Affairs experience moderate to severe incontinence. Tranquility offers solutions that address their unique needs with incontinence products covered by the VA at no cost to you.

Veterans or their Caregivers can fill out the form to get a free sample kit of products personalized to their needs.

Based on your responses in the form below, we will send you a free sample kit that may include:

  • Tape-Tab Style Briefs
  • Pull-On Style Underwear
  • Tranquility Male Guard
  • Tranquility Super Personal Care Pad
  • Tranquility Underpad

Real-Life Story

I’m a Veteran with PTSD. When my anxiety level rises or I have “flash back” symptoms, it can cause an urge and lead to embarrassing accidents. My Tranquility® product’s ability to fully absorb a recent accident won me over. This diaper kept me and my clothing dry through a checkout line at the store and during a nearly one-hour drive in the car to get home with no leaks!
Knowing I’ll be kept dry in those awkward moments gives me confidence.
– Ed, Veteran and Tranquility Customer

Complete this form to get your free sample pack!

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