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Premium Sample Tray

Our highest-performing range of incontinence products. Find the ideal balance of protection, comfort and design
to fit your unique needs, with a diverse selection of sizes, types and absorbency levels.

Essential Sample Tray

High-quality products with reliable performance to support comfort and confidence for those with moderate to
heavy incontinence. Now with options to meet Medicaid standards!

Swimmates Sample Tray

Products specifically innovated for unique use cases and specialized needs, empowering wearers and caregivers to achieve a new level of freedom.

Premium Booster Sample Tray

Offer customers an extra line of defense against leaks. Includes Premium TopLiner® and TopLiner® Booster Contour Pads.

Essential Booster Sample Tray

An economical solution for adding capacity to any disposable absorbent product. Includes Tranquility Essential® Booster Pads in Heavy and Moderate.

ATN™ Briefs Sample Tray

Provide customers the ultimate sleep experience, with samples of our best overnight brief plus booster pads that comfortably extend wear time.

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