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May 3, 2017
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May 3, 2017

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Tamera Weeks, vlogger and mother to a daughter with cerebral palsy, has been using Tranquility Products for years. In a recent YouTube video, she shows her followers Tranquility’s new streamlined packaging and explains how her family receives our products under insurance coverage.


Keeping a constant stock of quality incontinence supplies can be a challenge for a family on a budget. Even if your primary insurance provider does not cover the products, a secondary insurance provider might:

  • Medicaid covers the full cost of incontinence supplies in most states. However, benefits and requirements differ from state to state. Tamera’s family receives Tranquility Products under Medicaid coverage.
  • Some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans offer enhanced benefit options for products and services not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. These plans may lower the costs of receiving medical supplies or give you extra benefits for an additional monthly fee.

Tamera’s picks

Tamera uses the Tranquility Slimline® Original Disposable Briefs as the main diaper, then adds Tranquility TopLiner™ Booster Contours Pads inside the briefs. She notes that if there is only a little wetness, the liner makes for quicker and simpler changing both for the caregiver and the person receiving care.


To find out more information about Tamera and her story, you can visit her YouTube channel or Facebook page.



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Overflow incontinence is involuntary urination. The bladder muscles are unable to contain urine under pressure and feel like the bladder is unable to be emptied completely.

The involuntary loss of bladder and/or bowel.


Super-Absorbent Polymer, otherwise referred to as SAP, are small beads when dry that turn into a gel when liquid is absorbed.

No, booster pads and liners are made differently. Booster pads do not contain any moisture barrier where a liner does. A moisture barrier will prevent any fluid from passing through the product. A booster pad has a flow-through design that allows the pad to fill to capacity first and then pass additional fluid to the host (primary) garment. Booster pads are placed inside any disposable undergarment with a moisture proof backing. Liners are worn in regular underwear.

Tranquility Care Center

In many states our products can be covered. Each state is different in the products they provide. Please call us at 1-800-467-3224 ext. 7 and we can assist you with your specific state.

Please set aside two unused samples and call Tranquility Care Center at 1-800-467-3224 ext. 7. The Care Center team would be happy to assist you in determining what the problem is and working towards a resolution.

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