Market Growth for Adult Diapers

Market Growth for Adult Diapers

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Woman White reports that the market growth for adult diapers and incontinence products of all types (pads and briefs included) is projected to rise dramatically over the next few years. While the global demand for adult diapers was given a market value of USD 9.24 billion in 2015, it is expected to generate revenue of USD 14.5 billion by end of 2021. Tranquility Products is ready and willing to continue creating absorbent products by following a high standard of business ethics and setting an example for our competitors and community.

Why is the demand for adult diapers predicted to increase?

An explication and summary story from CBS 8 lists some likely drivers for the increase in adult diaper market value:

  • Growing aging population
  • Urbanization
  • Increased awareness of treatment methods for urinary incontinence
  • Economic affluence
  • Improvements in the healthcare sector

In addition to expansion to new wearers, the ever-increasing demand for new incontinence products is also expected to continue. Customers seek products that are customized for their needs regarding the following characteristics:

  • Well-fitting
  • Skin friendly
  • Exceptionally absorbent
  • Stretchable
  • Stylish
  • Odor-free

Tranquility Products has been developing innovative incontinence products for over 50 years that surpass all of the desired qualities in the above list.

What Tranquility Products offers

The adult diaper market is segmented into three main product categories:

  1. Booster Pads
  2. Disposable Underwear
  3. Diapers

Tranquility offers a variety of booster pads, disposable underwear, and diapers, with variations on sizing, style, and absorbency to satisfy preferences of each customer.

Booster Pad type:

Disposable Underwear type:

Diaper type:

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Popular Questions


Overflow incontinence is involuntary urination. The bladder muscles are unable to contain urine under pressure and feel like the bladder is unable to be emptied completely.

No. Cutting back on fluid intake can lead to dehydration, constipation and irritation of the bladder. It is true that certain types of fluids should be avoided such as alcohol and caffeine that irritate the bladder.


No, doubling up on products that contain a moisture barrier will not increase absorption. Briefs, disposable underwear and pads/ liners are typically designed with a moisture proof backing that stops the urine from passing through. This approach to adding more capacity or addressing leakage concerns only works if the second product is a “flow-through” design with no moisture proof backing.

Latex-Free means that the product is not made from natural rubber (latex) or doesn’t contain any natural rubber.

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