~Monthly Incontinence Tips!~

Each month we will provide you with 2-3 tips about how to manage incontinence! This month’s tips will be around Exercise.

Exercise has been shown to have countless benefits to people of all ages! There are the obvious benefits, like weight loss, and less obvious benefits, such as improved memory and brain health. It can also reduce your risk of chronic disease and helps increase energy levels and better sleep.

Did you know certain exercises can also support bladder control? Doing regular pelvic floor exercises will support bladder control by strengthening the muscles that support the bladder. This will help both before incontinence occurs, and once an individual is experiencing incontinence. Pelvic floor muscles can become weakened as a result of aging, surgery, chronic coughing, pregnancy/childbirth, and being overweight.

Pelvic exercises can be difficult to do correctly. For the best result, consult your physician for how to properly perform pelvic muscle exercises. You can also refer to information from the Mayo Clinic. Click here for the guide for women, and here for the guide for men.