Principles of Care

Effective products dealing with moisture need to meet principles of care and exacting performance criteria. The objectives are always to maintain or restore the ideal “micro-climate” for skin, the safety and quality of life for the individuals and caregivers involved.

The following are fundamental principles and criteria that need to be considered when selecting moisture-management products.

  1. Sufficient absorbent capacity to provide 6-8 hours of protection and allow uninterrupted activity (such as sleep, working, shopping, etc.).
  2. Protection from risks to the skin caused by shear, friction, heat, wetness and unbalanced pH.
  3. Protection from the risk of falls associated with incontinence and /or wound exudate that leaves the feeling of wetness/cold from the absorbent products.
  4. Design and absorbent capacity that eliminates waste and costs incurred from product leakage and the excessive cost and labor demands resulting from wet bedding and /or wet clothing.
  5. Ease of use and effectiveness that minimizes the burden and frustration for caregivers or professionals staff that leads to “burnout.”
  6. The high performance that allows care-providers to focus on individual-centered therapies and life-enhancement strategies for care recipients.

The Tranquility Advantage uses Moisture-Management Technology to provide the following outcomes.

  1. Decreased incidence of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD): drier skin equals better skin integrity. The consistent use of Tranquility super absorbent incontinence products “wick” urine away from the skin and keep skin drier.
  2. Reduced risk of Pressure Ulcer (PU) development: incontinence, which can result in moist skin/wetness, is one of the contributors to PU development. Keeping the skin dry and clean is essential in reducing the risk. Tranquility super absorbent incontinence products “wick” the urine away from skin thus alleviating one of the risk factors for PU development.
  3. Improved nighttime sleep patterns: Tranquility super absorbent incontinence products will absorb and “lock in” more urine allowing longer wear time. This is important especially during the nighttime because fewer changes will promote longer periods of uninterrupted sleep.
  4. Improved comfort/confidence/dignity: underperforming incontinence products may cause a sensation of being wet/cold and do not control incontinence related odors. Tranquility super absorbent incontinence products promote a “dry” feeling as well as decreasing urine odors These unique benefits are essential in improving overall comfort, confidence, and dignity.