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Get the most benefits out of Tranquility® products by following these best practices, training videos, manufacturer guidelines and more.

The 4 C’s of Care

Get the best performance out of Tranquility superabsorbent products with The 4 C’s of Care! Learn how Correct sizing, Checking regularly, Changing only when needed, and Cutting back on barrier creams can result in fewer product and linen changes, leaving you more time for the things that make your job enjoyable!

Product Training Videos

Because Tranquility superabsorbent products are designed differently, the best way to use them may be different than with the other incontinence care products you currently use. To get the most out of our products, we’ve created over a half-dozen product-specific training videos that demonstrate best practices.

Additional Tips

We’ve created “cheat sheets” with tips on product sizing, measuring for wearers while lying down, and calculating urine output. These are designed to help you select just the right Tranquility superabsorbent product with the fit and capacity to meet the specific needs of those in your care.

Manufacturer Guidelines

Looking for additional information on Tranquility products best usage, capacity and other product specifications? These Manufacturer Guidelines can help.

clinical training

4 C’s of Care

4 C’s Reference Sheet

4 C’s Quiz

Tranquility Products-Introduction to the 4 C’s of Incontinence Care

Tranquility products are designed to hold more and leak less. The 4 C’s of care will help you and those you care for, get the most out of Tranquility

Tranquility Products-Incontinence Care Training Video w/ Quiz

Our incontinence experts are here for you. In this video, we review how to get the most out of Tranquility. At the end, we have a quiz, to reinforce the material taught in the training.

Tranquility Products-Incontinence Care Training Video (No Quiz)

How do you get the most out of Tranquility? Our experts walk you through best practices to help you, and those you care for.

Product Training Videos

Tranquility Air-Plus Breathable Underpads

The Tranquility Air-Plus Breathable Underpads are designed for use with low air loss beds but can be used on standard mattresses.

Tranquility Bariatric Disposable Briefs

Tranquility Bariatric Disposable Briefs hold 34 ounces of fluid. Learn what these briefs can do for you and those you care for.

Tranquility Contour Booster Pads

Tranquility Contour Booster Pads have a soft, flow through design. These are an add-on product that have several benefits.

Tranquility Disposable Absorbent Underwear

Tranquility Disposable Absorbent Underwear, comes in day time and night time variations. See why these are our most popular products.

Tranquility Personal Care Pads

Tranquility Personal Care Pads come in 3 sizes, with leak-proof protection. This product is unique as it is not to be used with a pull-on or brief product.

Tranquility Smartcore Disposable Briefs

Tranquility Smartcore disposable briefs are color-coded, to help identify the size quicker. The Smartcore disposable briefs offer the same high quality absorbency that other Tranquility products offer.

Tranquility ThinLiner Moisture Management Sheets

Tranquility ThinLiner Moisture Management Sheets are high absorbency products that are ideal for tucking, folding, and wrapping, where light to moderate moisture is present.

See the Tranquility Difference-Product Demo Pour Test

Tranquility products offer best in class absorbency, providing benefits and peace of mind to you, and those you care for. See for yourself in the Tranquility pour test. Want to test yourself? Schedule an in-service at the form below to see just what Tranquility can do for you.

Additional Tips

Sizing Guide

Measuring for Lying Down

Calculating Urine Output

Moisture Management Tips

Manufacturer Guidelines

Schedule an In-Service

Tranquility believes combining higher-performance incontinence products with innovative best practices and training empowers healthcare professionals to deliver the best care. Let us help you achieve the best possible results with a successful implementation of Tranquility products via an in-service at your facility that includes:

  • Product education and training
  • Issue resolution
  • Evaluations Our product training helps facilities meet legal compliance and quality of care standards, potentially resulting in better survey results, MDS/QI/QM ratings and reimbursement rates

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