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Tranquility Premium Protection

When Performance Matters Most. Maximum Protection for greatest needs. The highest performing incontinence products available anywhere.

Tranquility Super Plus Liner - 2079

Super-Plus Liner

Moisture-proof backing without adhesive is worn in snug fitting underwear. Accommodates plus sizes.

Super Plus
(32" x 14")
Tranquility Adult Liner (2078)

Adult Liner

Thin, moisture-proof backed liner is worn in regular underwear for a discreet appearance.

Super Plus
(24" x 9")
2385 Male Guard

Male Guard

Absorbent core locks in fluid and controls odor. Contoured shape with side elastics forms a cup that conforms to a man’s body.

12.25" x 5.25"
Tranquility Adjustable Belted Undergarment (2150)

Adjustable Belted Undergarment

Worn in place of regular underwear. Self-gripping straps are adjustable. One pair of straps included in each bag.

Tranquility Super Personal Care Pad - 2380-2382

Personal Care Pads

Features two embossed channels to direct fluid into the pad and elastics to form a cup shape. Worn in regular underwear.


10.5" x 5.5"
13.5" x 6.5"
16.5" x 7.25"
Tranquility Trimshield Pads - 2080-2083

TrimShield Pads

Unique pleated core construction keeps product thin and very absorbent. Moisture barrier. Worn in regular underwear.


10.5" x 3"
11.75" x 4"
Select Incontinence Products Logo

Heavy Protection, Excellent Value. High quality products with proven performance.

Select Belted Undergarment (2650)

Belted Undergarment

A discreet product featuring a pair of wide, two button-elastic straps. Worn in place of regular underwear.

Select Shield (2648)


Ideal for providing skin dryness and odor reduction. Moisture barrier. Worn in regular underwear.

11.75`` x 3.75``
Select Light Personal Care Pad - 2880, 2881, 2882

Personal Care Pads

Contoured pads with moisture barrier fit securely into regular underwear for easy changes.


10.5" x 5.5"
13.5" x 6.5"
16.5" x 7.25"
ComfortCare Incontinence Products

Moderate Protection, Quality Design. “Best in Class” of mass retail products.

Sorry, no Comfort Care products are available in this category.

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Popular Questions


Overflow incontinence is involuntary urination. The bladder muscles are unable to contain urine under pressure and feel like the bladder is unable to be emptied completely.

No. Cutting back on fluid intake can lead to dehydration, constipation and irritation of the bladder. It is true that certain types of fluids should be avoided such as alcohol and caffeine that irritate the bladder.


No, doubling up on products that contain a moisture barrier will not increase absorption. Briefs, disposable underwear and pads/ liners are typically designed with a moisture proof backing that stops the urine from passing through. This approach to adding more capacity or addressing leakage concerns only works if the second product is a “flow-through” design with no moisture proof backing.

Latex-Free means that the product is not made from natural rubber (latex) or doesn’t contain any natural rubber.

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