When Performance Matters Most. Maximum Protection for greatest needs. The highest performing incontinence products available anywhere.

AIR-Plus Bariatric Brief

100% breathable allowing for heat and moisture vapor to escape enhancing skin integrity. Fits up to 108” waist.


HI-Rise Bariatric Brief

Full-fit brief with higher coverage in the front and back for a secure fit. Fits up to 96” waist. Breathable, stretchy side panels.


Bariatric Brief

Full-fit brief with breathable stretchy side panels comfortably fits up to a 96” waist.


Premium Daytime DAU

Discreet daytime protection for active individuals with heavier urine voids.


Premium Overnight DAU

Maximum absorbency provides extended wear time for a full night of uninterrupted sleep.


SmartCore Brief

Breathable sides help eliminate heat and moisture, providing an ideal micro-climate for skin integrity. Color coded by size.


Heavy Protection, Excellent Value. High quality products with proven performance.

Disposable Absorbent Underwear (DAU)

Highly absorbent underwear with breathable sides and full-rise waist panel for a comfortable, secure fit.


Moderate Protection, Quality Design. “Best in Class” of mass retail products.

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