When Performance Matters Most, Tranquility briefs provide maximum protection for greatest needs. Tranquility briefs and other Tranquility products are the highest performing incontinence products available anywhere.

Tranquility AIR-Plus Extra-Strength Breathable Underpad

Strong enough for boosting, turning, and repositioning*, this underpad’s breathability lets air circulate creating an ideal microclimate to support skin integrity.


AIR-Plus Underpad

100% breathable backsheet allows for heat and moisture vapor to escape. Ideal for use with low-air-loss bed systems.


Peach Sheet Underpad

Poly-backed underpad has four adhesive tapes to secure it to wheelchairs, bedding and furniture.


Heavy Duty Underpad

Strong cloth-like backsheet resists tearing as an individual moves on the underpad.


Heavy Protection, Excellent Value. High quality products with proven performance.

Ultra-thin Underpad

Ultra-thin, composite mat is fluff-free (no shake-out). Consistently smooth, uniform construction resists bunching during use.


Standard Underpads

Perfect for protecting bedding, furniture and wheelchairs from leakage.


Procedure Pad

Compact and smaller design for hygienic protection of surfaces. No superabsorbent. No fluff.


Moderate Protection, Quality Design. “Best in Class” of mass retail products.

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