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Tranquility Premium Protection

When Performance Matters Most. Maximum Protection for greatest needs. The highest performing incontinence products available anywhere.

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AIR-Plus Extra-Strength Breathable Underpad

Strong enough for boosting, turning, and repositioning*
*Must be used in accordance with Safe Patient Handling Guidelines

30`` x 36``
Tranquility Air-Plus Underpads - 2709-2710

AIR-Plus Underpad

100% breathable backsheet allows for heat and moisture vapor to escape. Ideal for use with low-air-loss bed systems.

Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpads - 2074

Peach Sheet Underpad

Poly-backed underpad has four adhesive tapes to secure it to wheelchairs, bedding and furniture.

21.5`` x 32.5``
Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpad - 2088

Heavy Duty Underpad

Strong cloth-like backsheet resists tearing as an individual moves on the underpad.

30`` x 36``
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Heavy Protection, Excellent Value. High quality products with proven performance.

Tranquility Ultra Thin Underpad - 2717

Ultra-thin Underpad

Ultra-thin, composite mat is fluff-free (no shake-out). Consistently smooth, uniform construction resists bunching during use.

22.5`` x 30``
Tranquility Extra Large Green 2677

Standard Underpads

Perfect for protecting bedding, furniture and wheelchairs from leakage.

Tranquility Procedure Pad - 2707

Procedure Pad

Compact and smaller design for hygienic protection of surfaces. No superabsorbent. No fluff.

22.5`` x 30``
ComfortCare Incontinence Products

Moderate Protection, Quality Design. “Best in Class” of mass retail products.

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