Tranquility ATN – The “Just Right” Incontinence Product

Below is an article was written by a loyal Tranquility Products wearer. For confidentiality purposes, we have not included the wearer’s name.

We’ve all heard the Fairytale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and we recall how her porridge was “too hot”, “too cold,” or “just right.” Well, the same goes for incontinence protection, and the Tranquility® ATN™ Brief is my “Just Right” Product.

I have been battling bladder incontinence for over 25 years. What started as an occasional nighttime leak in my early teens slowly became worse over time. I started with a drug store brand incontinence product, but they were either too thin, so they fell apart, or they clumped up, so I’d have considerable leaks or have to wake up to change the product or my clothes and sheets. After a few years of fighting this, I figured there had to be something far better out there.

One afternoon, I visited a new home medical supply store. The salesperson introduced me to Tranquility Products. She had worked in Home Nursing and Hospice care for many years and she swore by them, and even gave me a package of the ATNs to try out. Sure enough, that night I tested them out and I didn’t wake up feeling wet, nor did I wake up to wet or soiled clothes or linens.

After many years, I decided again to try a few samples of other brands.  Just like in the beginning, most of these new “Super Absorbent” briefs or diapers were way too thick and uncomfortable. The worst part was, many were so thick, that I’d sweat like crazy, so in turn, my skin health dropped. So again, the ATN kept falling into my “Just Right” category.

I am now about 80% bladder incontinent, and it has started affecting my waking hours as well. I continue to wear the Tranquility ATN day and night. It is thin enough to be concealed under most clothing, even jeans, without feeling too bulky or making it obvious I am wearing a diaper. The ATN has given me the dignity to be able to get out and do what I want to do on my terms and not have to let my bladder dictate where I can go and when I can go.

I am going on close to 20 years now using the Tranquility ATN Brief as my “Just Right” product. It’s not too thin or too thick, and its absorbency is “Just Right” to get me through a night uninterrupted. It also allows me to take long trips, and get out and enjoy life as an active adult when I can without worry about embarrassing leaks or issues. And on top of all this, the ATN has kept my skin healthy. I have never had skin-related issues, rash, or sores in the entire time I have used them, something I cannot claim using other brands.

As I am on Medicare, I have to pay out of pocket for my incontinence needs. Take your average store brand adult diaper, and figure in 2 maybe 3 changes a night, you are spending more on a store brand item vs just having to use one ATN a night. So in the long run the ATN, a superior product over the store brands, actually costs me less in many ways. Less per product, less leaks, less skin issues, and more confidence, more security, and more uninterrupted sleep.  It’s a win-win situation!

-Tranquility Wearer