Where to Buy Tranquility Products

We often hear the question, “Where do I purchase Tranquility Products?” Not sold in big box stores, Tranquility is a premium product for adults, and children, with moderate to heavy incontinence. Tranquility products are available from our two primary partners, 1) Home Medical Equipment (HME) Companies, sometimes these are also Pharmacies, and 2) Online retailers. So, what are these two options? How do I choose which is right for me? And how do I find one? Great questions!

Home Medical Equipment (HME) Companies and Pharmacies

HMEs are local, brick and mortar, businesses that typically sell a variety of medical equipment such as mobility aids, Ostomy supplies, bathroom safety equipment, and more. Some HME’s carry incontinence products, such as Tranquility, but not all carry incontinence products or Tranquility. These businesses are experts in medical equipment and medical supplies, and those that carry incontinence products can help you find the right product for your situation.

Advantages of HMEs

There are many advantages to purchasing Tranquility products from an HME. First is the personalized service and customer experience. If you need help finding a solution, HME staff are highly knowledgeable, can recommend solutions for you, and often carry free samples for you to take home. Samples are an excellent way to determine the best product and size for your incontinence needs. Second, if you have other medical needs, beyond incontinence products, HMEs carry many medical supplies and can help you navigate the supplies you need. Typically, if they don’t have a certain device or product you need, they can order it to the store or have it shipped to you. Third, HMEs are typically small, locally owned, businesses that serve your community. You can support your community and the growth of small businesses by shopping at certain HMEs. If you value building a relationship with people and getting educated about your medical condition and the solutions to help you, an HME is the right place for you.

Use the Tranquility Find a Store locator to find a HME that carries Tranquility in your area.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become the way of the world in the Digital Age. Today, you can shop for basically anything you need online, and have it shipped right to your door.

Advantages of Online Shopping

Many adults like to shop online for incontinence products due to the ease, convenience, and discreet shipping. Incontinence is a private issue for most adults and getting a plain brown box delivered to your home with products allows you to keep it private. Another benefit of purchasing incontinence products online is auto-reorder. Many websites give you the option to automatically receive products every month, or week, or few weeks. You select the product(s) you want to receive, and you select the frequency you want to receive them. This allows you to never run out of product and not have to deal with going online every month to order again. Plus, you can modify or cancel your order prior to shipment.

We have organized a list of Online Partners that carry Tranquility Products.

When you are looking to purchase Tranquility products, the two options are online and at Home Medical Equipment (HME) companies. Each have their own advantages and disadvantage, and it’s up to you to determine what is important to you in finding and purchasing the right product. As always, if you need help finding the best incontinence solution for you, or locating a dealer in your area or online, please give us a call at 1-866-865-6101.