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When Incontinence Strikes Young

Posted by PBE Webmaster on Wed, Mar 09 2016 09:02:58

While incontinence is typically thought of as a problem affecting older adults, young people can suffer from it as well. When infant diapers are too small or do not hold enough liquid, Tranquility’s broad range of youth and teen diapers can be the answer.


Disabled youth diaper wearers

For young users that have medical conditions such as disabilities or genetic disorders, Tranquility youth diapers have become the product of choice for their caretakers. Many of our customers testify that nothing prevents leaks as well as Tranquility. These caregivers appreciate the details that characterize Tranquility Products: sturdiness even when wet, low odor, and overall the best quality and price for adult diapers.


Some young wearers that have delayed mental development could eventually learn to toilet train. Tranquility Products equips parents with the tools to make the journey successful. For one customer that has an autistic 6-year-old son, the pull-up style of Tranquility’s Premium OverNight™ Disposable diapers can help him get in the habit of wearing and using regular underwear. Another customer has an 18-year-old son with cerebral palsy and cognitive impairment. The wetness indicator on the Tranquility SlimLine® Original Disposable Brief allows the parents to praise their son for being dry at changing time, plus the refastenable tabs allow them to reuse the diaper if it is dry.


Extra bladder protection for children

Even customers whose children are in good health and do not have medical diagnoses use Tranquility Products to supplement child diapers. One customer who has children ages 1 and 3 layers Tranquility TopLiner™ Booster Pads into other products to provide extra protection overnight. No leaks means less laundry.


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