Adult Diaper Banks: What Are They & How To Find One Nearby

Women at CarAdults that experience incontinence know it can be challenging to constantly keep adult diapers on hand. In addition to standard purchases to meet common physical needs, the customer’s budget must stretch to accommodate this new need.

There are some cases where Medicaid or Medicare will cover incontinence supplies; however, that coverage varies by state and can be limited. For families who do not have Medicaid or Medicare coverage and money is tight, there is another solution for obtaining adult diapers.

What Is An Adult Diaper Bank?

Similar to food banks, adult diaper banks are facilities that distribute adult diapers to those who cannot afford to purchase full-price diapers and other incontinence products. Adult diaper banks distribute their resources through local nonprofit agencies, religious organizations, like churches and synagogues, and school family resource centers. Due to eligibility restrictions, adult diapers are not distributed directly to individuals. Instead, interested customers should contact their local agency, who will obtain the products for the person in need.

Is there an adult diaper bank near me?

Many communities are responding to the great need to get absorbent incontinence products to those who are unable to afford them.

The Simon Foundation for Continence, a trusted resource for news, support, and tips for living with incontinence, maintains a list of known adult diaper banks in the United States.

Please note that adult diapers should be offered at all locations listed, but service offerings can be volatile and some of the banks might have limited their products to just infant diapers.

How do I know that adult diapers are right for me?

Whether you suffer from occasional leaks or complete loss of bladder control, Tranquility Products offers superabsorbent solutions to meet all incontinence needs. From liners such as our TrimShield® Pads to overnight adult diapers like Premium OverNight™ Disposable Absorbent Underwear, we offer an extensive range of product styles and sizes. You can be assured that there is a product that is just right for your specific situation, and we’d be glad to help you find it.

For more information on diaper banks, visit The Simon Foundation for Continence website.