Busting the Myths About Incontinence

Facts Myths

Incontinence is a condition that affects over 46 million people in the U.S. However, despite its prevalence, it’s not a topic that is freely and comfortably spoken about in public. The fact that so few people are open to talking about it may explain why there are plenty of incorrect beliefs about incontinence and how to best manage it.  

For instance, here are a few “busted myths” about incontinence from the Incontinence Institute: 

Myth: It’s only for old people. 
Fact: One in four women over 18 (regardless of age) leak urine involuntarily. 

Myth: Men don’t experience incontinence that often. 
Fact: About 20% to 25% of Americans with incontinence are men. 

Myth: You should drink as little as possible. 
Fact: It is vital to stay hydrated, just try to not overdrink. 

Myth: You just have to live with incontinence. 
Fact: There are many ways urinary incontinence can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper treatment. 

Tranquility Products help improve quality of life with our products that help keep you dryer longer. Find the right product that suits your needs.

Product-Focused Myths

Building off this last myth, for those who cannot have their incontinence eliminated or significantly reduced through surgery, medication, weight management, special exercises or other treatments, there is another option. Tranquility offers superabsorbent product solutions for all types of incontinence. 

But keep in mind – there is also faulty advice floating around about how to use incontinence care products as well. Here are three common product myths to watch out for: 

  1. Double Diapering 

People who wear two incontinence garments on top of one another may believe they are doubling the absorbency and protection that these products offer, but in reality, they likely are causing more harm than good. Here’s why: 

  • Incontinence briefs and pull-on disposable underwear have a plastic, waterproof backing to contain fluid. If you “double-diaper,” when the first garments fills up, the excess fluid does not simply flow through into the second garment below it. Instead, it’s more likely that the excess fluid will leak out of the sides and onto clothing and furniture.
  • Double diapering can act like insulation, trapping heat and water vapor close to the body and creating an unhealthy environment for skin.
  • Having two garments on can be extremely uncomfortable and bulky for the wearer (and more noticeable to others).
  • Wearing twice the garments can cost you twice as much!

Here’s a proper, healthy and economical alternative to diaper doubling – booster pads. These special products are designed to be placed into disposable briefs and pull-ons, so you can wear them longer without leaks. Learn more about booster pads. 


  1. Too Much Barrier Cream

Barrier creams are meant to create a protective, waterproof layer that keeps urine away from the skin. If your incontinence product does not provide adequate absorbency and fluid retainment, a light barrier cream may provide critical skin protection. However, do not follow the common myth that “more is better.” Excess barrier cream will actually rub off onto the incontinence product and prevent urine from absorbing into it, causing leaks and unhealthy, moist skin. 

Tranquility products are designed to absorb/retain fluid with minimal, if any, use of barrier cream. 


  1. All Products are the Same 

This is not true! Incontinence care products are significantly different.  

A general rule of thumb is that retail or big-box store brands are designed for individuals with light to moderate incontinence. Those managing heavy to severe incontinence, or someone who needs a longer-wearing product that doesn’t breakdown skin, should choose a superabsorbent product, like Tranquility.  

Fact: Samples Help You Find Your Ideal Product 

You should never settle for poor-performing products. Do your research and request product samples – they are typically free or very low-cost to try out before you buy an entire bag. (Want a Tranquility sample? Just answer a few quick questions and we’ll give you a free 2-pack.)  

Finding the right product with the right protection for your needs is critical to living your best life while managing incontinence. If you would like further assistance separating fact from fiction when selecting your ideal product, please call a friendly Tranquility Care Center representative today at 1-866-865-6101, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST or email CustomerService@pbenet.com. 

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