Infection Prevention and Managing Incontinence

1.7 million healthcare-acquired infections happen each year 55% to 75% of healthcare-acquired infections are prevenable

Infection prevention (IP) is more critical than ever with the upcoming cold and flu season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Incontinence care is an important aspect of minimizing the spread of communicable diseases like the seasonal flu and COVID-19.

3 Ways Tranquility Helps Prevent Infection

1. Extended wear times and protection from leakage

minimizes preventable close contact between patients and caregivers to reduce the spread of illness.

2. Superior moisture wicking reduces incontinence related medical issues

(such as skin breakdown and UTIs), helping to keep patients out of hospitals and lessen their risk of increased exposure.

3. Maximum absorbency products keep patients comfortable and dry

leading to a better night’s sleep which helps to boost the immune system and overall health.

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Resources for Infection Prevention

Improving IP and HAI Practices

Tranquility can improve healthcare-acquired infection and infection prevention in healthcare facilities.

Infection Prevention Practices

Reduce Healthcare-Acquired Infections

According to the CDC, there are approximately 1.7 million Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAI) per year.

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Infection Prevention and Incontinence

Here’s how patients and caregivers can keep safe during this unprecedented time.

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IP and Incontinence Care

The CDC recognizes the practice of infection control as preventing or stopping the spread of infections.

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Exposure Time Reduction Project

Outcome of Tranquility Incontinence Briefs against current brand used by a facility.

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Skin Health Improvement Project

VA facility staff were surveyed on the performance of Tranquility in comparison to the current brand used by the facility.

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