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May 3, 2017
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May 3, 2017

Posted by Miranda Hassen on Tue, Jul 12 2016 23:00:00

Have you ever wondered just how much liquid an adult diaper can hold? Sure, you may have seen the capacity graphics on the Tranquility Products website, but have you actually measured out those amounts of liquid to see what they look like in real life?

Jared Soper, blogger for Vitality Medical, was curious enough to try it. He wanted to test Tranquility adult diapers to see if they hold up to what we claim. A mannequin “volunteer,” Reggie, graciously dons a pair of Tranquility® EliteCare™ Disposable Briefs for the occasion. Jared discusses some features of EliteCare™, our newest and highest-capacity product:

  • EliteCare™ Briefs are created for extended wear time, meaning that wearers can have uninterrupted periods of activities and/or sleep.
  • The fluid capacity is 44 oz., or 5.5 cups. That’s a significant amount of liquid, and EliteCare™ Disposable Briefs hold that much regardless of size.
  • Thanks to the PowerSorb™ Micro-layer, these adult diapers do not add extra bulk to the wearer even though they hold so much.
  • Even under pressure (sitting, laying down) liquid will not be forced out.
  • A wetness indicator changes color from yellow to blue to make caregivers’ jobs easier.

Jared goes on to point out that that most common area of failure in adult diapers is around the leg holes, right where the legs meet the torso. He keeps a particular eye out for this type of leaks as he funnels 5.5 cups of water into Reggie’s briefs.

The results? See for yourself:

As Jared puts it, “Tranquility Products are rated #1 by caregivers and medical professionals.” There’s a reason for that.

Care to try them for yourself? Order a sample or locate a dealer either online or in-person for your regular supply of incontinence products.

Read the full video transcript on the Vitality Medical blog.

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