Why Double Diapering Is Not the Best Solution for You

Senior Woman Nurse ShoulderIt’s become common practice for caregivers and consumers alike to try double diapering, or layering incontinence products, if they are concerned that the adult diaper they are using isn’t absorbent enough. When leaking occurs, there is a misconception that a second brief or pull-up placed over the top of the first one will add absorption and stop leaking.

This is NOT true! Each of these products contain a moisture barrier, which does not allow fluid to flow through. When a product does not provide the proper absorbency, leaking may occur and diaper doubling does not fix this issue.

When leaking occurs it is important to identify the cause. Improper size and product choice are the leading reasons for leaking.

What does the right adult diaper fit have to do with it?

When leaking occurs, it is common for individuals to try a larger size of adult diaper to increase the absorption capacity. While you might gain a few more ounces in absorption, the larger size will create more problems with leaking because of the improper fit. Moving up in size increases not only the waist and hip measurement, but also the leg openings. Leg openings that are too big will create gaps where fluid can escape. Properly fitting adult diapers should have snug leg openings and the tape tabs should secure to the abdomen half way between the hip and belly button.

How can I resolve this issue?

Measure the largest part of the body that falls between the waist and hip.  This is the measurement needed to make sure you are in the proper size.

If sizing is correct and leaking is still occurring, additional absorption can be added by using TopLiner® Booster Pads or TopLiner® Booster Contours. These specially designed flow-through incontinence products are made to be placed inside briefs and pull ups. They will increase the absorption of the diaper they are placed in.

If you are not sure what size is best or still have problems, call Tranquility Customer Care center at 1-800-467-3224 ext. 7 or request a sample.