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May 3, 2017
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Millions of Americans experience incontinence. If you have a loved one that is starting to have decreased bladder or bowel control you will want to locate adult diapers that will work properly. Below are the top four things to consider when searching for adult diapers.

1.  Size

Size is the number one priority for incontinence products. Many people believe that a larger diaper will hold more but this is a myth. An adult diaper that is too large or too small will not manage leaks effectively. They will either overflow or leak. Follow the manufacturer’s sizing guide to ensure they will fit. Keep in mind that a medium in one brand may be equal to a small in another brand. The sizing charts differ. In addition, search for bariatric products if needed.

2.  Material

The two types of materials are plastic back and breathable. Typically the breathable are preferred because they allow for air flow. They also tend to be thinner so they are less apparent.  

3.  Absorbency

The severity of the incontinence dictates the amount of absorbency required. The range in capability can be from several ounces to several cups of fluid. It may be necessary to use a different level of absorbency for nighttime than during the day since it is common to lose a large quantity of urine overnight. Liquid absorption is important because it will prevent the skin from being moist which can cause irritation or a sore. The goal is to achieve dry, healthy skin.

4. Odor elimination

No one wants to smell like urine because it is quite unpleasant. Search for a high performance diaper that will eliminate odor by controlling the bacteria that causes odor. This will be more pleasant for everyone. In addition the neutralization of bacteria will reduce the likelihood of urinary tract infections and skin issues.

Other features of some Tranquilty products are:

  • Breathable outer layer
  • Quick and easy removal with tear away side seams
  • Moisture and odor are locked in
  • Easy to read size and easy to determine which side is the back of the garment.


Keep in mind that your loved one is not only dealing with the physical issues associated with incontinence but emotional challenges as well. They may feel embarrassed, anxious, depressed and frustrated. Dealing with the physical issues by providing appropriate incontinence products is a great start. In addition seek emotional support as well such as connecting with others who also face the issue of incontinence.

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Overflow incontinence is involuntary urination. The bladder muscles are unable to contain urine under pressure and feel like the bladder is unable to be emptied completely.

The involuntary loss of bladder and/or bowel.


Super-Absorbent Polymer, otherwise referred to as SAP, are small beads when dry that turn into a gel when liquid is absorbed.

No, doubling up on products that contain a moisture barrier will not increase absorption. Briefs, disposable underwear and pads/ liners are typically designed with a moisture proof backing that stops the urine from passing through. This approach to adding more capacity or addressing leakage concerns only works if the second product is a “flow-through” design with no moisture proof backing.

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