Adult Disposable Underwear for Swimming

July 17, 2022

Woman Swimming

For those who love to swim, bowel incontinence might seem like a barrier to enjoying a favorite activity. However, thanks to Tranquility® Swimmates® disposable swim diapers, it does not have to be. This unique underwear-style swim diaper is different from baby diapers, adult pull-on disposable underwear or other absorbent products – it is meant to provide protection and security when immersed in water, without swelling, falling apart or making a mess in the pool.

According to International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, about 25 percent of men and women over 40 years old experience fecal incontinence. If you experience fecal incontinence,  you should not attempt to use standard adult diapers, absorbent pads or other incontinence care products when swimming, as they will become bloated with water and could cause waste to leak into the pool.

However, Swimmates disposable swim diapers are made specifically for the water, providing reliable protection and security, thanks to their innovative design:

  • These adult swim diapers are worn subtly under a bathing suit by both men and women, for discreet bowel incontinence protection.
  • Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) help contain bowel incontinence, giving you an extra sense of security that the pool and your bathing suit will stay clean.
  • This swim diaper is not made from normal absorbent materials found in typical incontinence care products; it is designed to have minimal swelling and does not break apart in water.
  • This swim diaper is disposable, so there is no need to clean your swimsuit after an episode. Unlike reusable diaper covers, there is no need to wash these adult swim diapers – just throw them away and use a fresh swim diaper the next time you go in the water.
  • Tear-away seams make removal and disposal easy. If you have ever had a hard time removing a wet garment – either regular clothing, adult diapers or other disposable products, or another brand of adult swim diapers – then you can see how this is an especially helpful feature.

Other Features and Benefits

  • An ample, full-rise waist panel for a closer fit and better feeling of security and coverage
  • A blue waistband that indicates the back of the swimwear
  • Latex-free

All of these features and benefits were designed with your comfort in mind. Customer B.F. from Ohio wrote, “These swim diapers gave me the most freedom and really gave me my life back. I feel free to be active, to travel, to swim again … without being wet or leaking.”

You don’t need to worry that anything will interfere with your exercise, your recreational enjoyment or your privacy with Swimmates – the best adult swim diapers available.

Ideal for little swimmers, too

For those caring for children with bladder and/or bowel loss, taking them to the pool may seem like something to avoid. Traditional, store-bought baby or youth-sized diapers simply cannot hold up to being submerged in water and will fall apart. Even if you try washable or reusable swim diapers for added peace of mind, clean-up can be a mess and you will likely end up buying a replacement, anyway.

Swimmates swim diapers offer a disposable solution that keeps children and those around them in the pool protected, giving you the confidence to let the child have fun in the water once again. Swimmates are designed for bowel containment and do not swell up in the water. Plus, we offer a “Small/Youth XL” size to cover your little swimmers. This size is designed for wearers with waist and hip measurements of 22” – 36” and a weight of 80 – 125 lbs.

Our customers tell us they have been revitalized by enjoying pool time with their grandkids again, thanks to these swim diapers.

Aqua therapy benefits

We hear success stories from our customers who have truly benefited from aqua therapy, thanks to Swimmates. A.H., a customer from Wisconsin, said, “Swimmates are an asset for use in the hot tub, on a daily basis for therapy. Thank you for the very helpful customer service to help find the right product.”

According to an article from, water provides natural buoyancy to reduce gravity’s effects and avoid joint strain. Because water is hundreds of times more resistive than air, water-based exercise provides extremely efficient and effective results.

Water therapy can also help one recover from a variety of injuries, ailments and chronic medical conditions, including:

  • Back pain, joint pain and other recurrent pain
  • Traumatic brain injury patients
  • Car accident injuries
  • Sports injury
  • Muscle spasms
  • Circulation problems
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke recovery
  • Neurological injury
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid)
  • Balance problems due to muscle weakness on one side

“I am a physical education teacher at a school with a therapeutic pool,” said Paul, who oversees the elementary grade levels at a school in Minnesota. “Swimmates is the reliable swim diaper that I count on to provide protection to my older students. Having the proper attire keeps the pool safe for all students and allows the students the opportunity to excel in the aquatic environment.”

A word on sizing

Swimmates are available in a wide range of sizes, making them the ideal disposable swim diaper for a wide range of wearers, from aqua therapy students to those in aging services and older adult communities, and everyone in-between. Just remember – when it comes to getting the best performance, comfort and leakage protection from any incontinence care garment, a secure fit is key. Particularly for pull-on garments such as Swimmates, they should fit snugly touching the crotch with no gaps around the legs. If they are too big around the leg openings, leakage can occur; but if they are too tight around the legs, skin redness, chafing and discomfort may occur.

Incontinence garments are typically sized/measured by the size of the wearer’s waist and hips, as well as their weight. The smallest Swimmates size, “Small/Youth XL,” is designed for wearers with waist and hip measurements of 22” – 36” and a weight of 80 – 125 lbs. “Medium” is 34″ – 48″ and 120 – 175 lbs; and “Large” is 44″ – 54″ and 170 – 210 lbs. The “X-Large” Swimmates size is ideal for those with waist/hip measurements of 48″ – 66″ and a weight of 210 – 250 lbs. Swimmates are also available in an “XXL-Plus/Bariatric” size that works best for wearers with waist/hip measurements of 62″ – 80″ who weigh 250 lbs or more.

Sizing is not always perfect; the sizes described here are recommendations, not a guarantee. As always, if you have any questions about the right size, proper application, proper fit or any other number of questions, our Care Team can help. The Tranquility Care Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and can be reached by calling 1-866-865-6101.

Benefits of Swimming for Those with Incontinence

If you experience incontinence, and swimming is not part of your current exercise routine, it might be a good idea to add it to your schedule. Swimming can be an excellent way to get physical activity without putting extra strain on the pelvic region. Other exercises such as crunches, double leg raises or weightlifting require the participant to clench their muscles, which increases the risk of a urinary or fecal accident.

In comparison, swimming lifts your chest, lengthens the spine and does not require that you bear down, so it can actually help reduce incontinence symptoms during your workout.

We are excited to share the news about Swimmates swim diapers, not just with the people who wear them and their caregivers who support them, but to all of our industry partners, including case managers and other healthcare professionals, medical supply dealers and distributors who help those with incontinence to receive the care products needed to manage their condition.

Swimmates May be Covered Under Medicaid

If you care for someone with complex healthcare needs who loves to get in the water, Swimmates are a must-have! This swim diaper allows you to worry less about fecal leakage in the pool, and concentrate instead on spending quality time with the person you are caring for. Our unique size range of youth (80 lbs) through XXL adult sizes (250 +lbs) provides coverage for those who may be going to summer camps, swim therapy sessions or who just love to swim.

In addition to their unique product features, Swimmates may be covered under waivers or other program funds for those with complex healthcare needs. In fact, families often tell us that they have waiver or other program funds that go unused at the end of each year. Don’t leave waiver dollars behind!

Help those in your care enjoy the water with confidence and discretion, with Swimmates disposable swimwear.

For help finding a Swimmates dealer in your area, contact Tranquility Products at 1-800-467-3224 x7 or email us at

Try Swimmates for Yourself or Someone in Your Care

Tranquility strives to provide a full range of solutions for anyone dealing with incontinence. We recognize the importance and benefits of swimming, aqua therapy, hot tub therapy and other water-based activities as part of a healthy lifestyle, and we think Swimmates are the best swim diapers available. We hope you or those in your care can use them to enjoy these activities with new confidence and comfort.

Shop our selection of Swimmates, from Youth (80 lbs) through adult sizes (250+ lbs), and get back in the water!

Ready to give it a try? Order a sample or locate a dealer today.


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