5 Perfect Adult Diapers for Sensitive Skin: Gentle on Skin, Strong on Protection

March 12, 2024

By Robert Recker

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You’ve probably been in the pool or a tub for an extended period of time and looked down to see your hands have “pruned.” That is, they are wrinkled and rough and look and feel strange. But after you dry them off, your hands return to normal in a few minutes.

For people who experience incontinence and loss of bladder control, the exposure of their skin to wetness and moisture from urine for long periods of time can be very harmful to their skin and cause long-lasting, significant medical conditions like severe rashes and sores. This can further lead to growth of bacteria that leads to potentially serious infection (like urinary tract infections).

One study showed that skin being exposed to moisture for just 15 minutes could start to see some of these effects.

That’s why it is so important for people with incontinence, especially those who experience heavy to severe loss of bladder control, to find a solution to help them better control their incontinence, or to manage their incontinence with the right products to keep their skin protected as much as possible.

In this article, we will focus on helping adults with skin irritation, diaper rash or other other skin health issues caused by moisture and wetness, to find the best adult diapers or other adult incontinence products for sensitive skin.

What to Look for in an Adult Diaper for Sensitive Skin

Here are five important features to watch for when searching for the best adult diaper to help keep your skin healthy.

1. Skin-Friendly Materials

It’s important to know that if you have urinary incontinence, fluid is not the only thing that can get trapped against your body and cause damage to your skin. Warm, moist air vapor can also stagnate within disposable briefs and pull-on disposable underwear, and can be just as harmful.

In recent years, companies that make adult diapers have begun using “breathable” materials in their higher-quality incontinence products that allow fresh air to flow into the product, which pushes out the warm, moist air to help keep skin dry and cool.

A breathable layer of material contains microscopically small holes that are so tiny, they let air molecules pass through, and even water vapor molecules, but will stop fluid (urine) molecules from passing through. So they are still a barrier to liquid to prevent leakage, and are designed to provide the same leakage protection as a plastic- or poly-material adult diaper.

It’s worth pointing out that some adult diapers are made with “breathable sides,” meaning the materials around the leg holes and the side of the waistband are porous, while the materials in the core area are not. Other adult diapers are “100% breathable,” meaning there is a porous layer throughout the entire product, allowing the maximum amount of air to flow through.

Cloth like versus plastic-backed diapers

Wearing adult diapers can make many people feel self-conscious, especially if they feature a plastic backing material that can sometimes make a crinkling noise under clothing. In recent years many adult diaper makers have begun using a more cloth like material that is quieter, feels softer and gentler, and will fit comfortably under your clothes.

An important note on leakage: Some adult diaper wearers may confuse a product that has a cloth like outer layer with cloth diapers; but they are two distinct items. Cloth diapers are reusable diapers that must be washed when soiled, while adult diapers with a cloth like layer of material are disposables that are used once and thrown away. The cloth like layer is a barrier to liquid just like their disposable counterparts with plastic backing, so it will not allow fluid or liquid to seep through onto clothing or furniture.

2. Absorbency

Sometimes when a person experiencing heavy incontinence is in need of a pull up diaper or diapers with tabs, the first feature they look for is maximum absorbency, or the amount of urine an adult diaper can hold. And while heavy absorbency is important when choosing adult diapers, one must take other factors into consideration as well, especially if they have sensitive skin.

Fluff vs superabsorbency

For instance, two brands of adult briefs or diapers may have just as much absorbency as the other, but one may have a “fluff” core while the other has a superabsorbent core.

The fluff core acts more like a sponge in that it may suck in a large amount of fluid, but it might not be able to hold in that fluid when pressure is applied by the wearer sitting or lying down, getting up from a seat, walking, running or other activities.

Superabsorbent cores have a different structure inside of them, with little polymers that absorb fluid and then lock it in. We at Tranquility Incontinence Products define this concept well with our Real Life Protection pledge, which states that our products will absorb and contain their stated fluid capacity no matter how much pressure is applied to them.

So why is this important for keeping sensitive skin dry and healthy?

This is because adult diapers with heavy absorbency may feel like they are holding a void that just occurred, but in time if that fluid is not retained in the core it can start to slowly trickle back out onto the skin. Even if the wearer may not notice, that constant moisture can break down the skin’s natural protective layers and start to do serious damage.

One last thought on absorbency. Typically (but not always), the more capacity an adult diaper has, the bigger and bulkier it is. That’s important to consider when weighing the tradeoff between having an adult diaper with the absorbency needed to manage your particular type and severity of urinary incontinence, and also the potential level of discretion you want.

3. Wetness Indicator

This one is pretty straightforward. Wetness indicators on adult diapers come in different designs, such as lines that appear, disappear or change color when the product has exceeded its intended capacity and will no longer perform as desired or expected.

Depending on the wearer’s level of incontinence, mobility level and independence, a wetness indicator may be utilized by the wearer themself or more helpful to someone taking care of the wearer. Either way, this is an important feature in adult diapers to provide awareness of when it’s time to change the product and avoid the presence of wetness and moisture on exposed skin.

4. Comfortable Fit

Often forgotten when selecting the right diaper is getting the right size, which plays a huge role in not only providing the best fit but is essential to preventing leaks and maximizing comfort. Here’s a handy size guide for getting the right adult diaper size.

In addition to sizing, certain product features of adult diapers can help create a great fit:

  • By design, diapers with tabs or brief style diapers have tapes or hook-and-loop connectors that can be loosened or tightened to create a comfortable fit
  • If you prefer pull up diapers that look and feel more like regular underwear, look for those with a full rise waist panel and stretchy side panels that help provide a proper fit
  • Most adult diapers have elastic leg cuffs or leg gathers that not only provide maximum comfort and security, but also can help prevent leaks and guide urine (or loose stool for those experiencing bowel incontinence) to the product’s absorbent core

5. Dermatologist Approval

More and more these days, consumers look to buy products that feature a “stamp of approval” from industry professionals. For those with sensitive skin issues exacerbated by urinary or bowel incontinence, they feel better about ordering disposable products that have been recommended by a skin doctor.

We highly encourage anyone in need of urinary or fecal incontinence products to speak with their dermatologist for their recommendations on the best adult diapers for sensitive skin.

Additional Product Features of the Best Adult Diapers for Sensitive Skin

In addition to the five areas we just discussed, there are many other factors that help one absorbent product stand out from the competition. These include specific product features, such as:

  • Super absorbent core for maximum absorbency
  • Wicking layers that promote quick and effective absorption to keep the skin dry
  • Breathable material that allows proper ventilation
  • Odor control technology for enhanced confidence and discretion
  • Tear away side seams for quick and convenient removal of soiled protective underwear
  • Latex free products for those dealing with allergies to latex materials

The Top Adult Diapers for Sensitive Skin

Now that we have talked about many different important adult diaper product features that help prevent skin irritation and promote healthy skin, we will share a list of four of the best adult diapers that offer these benefits. The products featured below are from Tranquility, which recently upgraded several of its top adult diapers with 100% breathable materials for enhanced skin health protection.

Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Underwear

Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Underwear are made for maximum protection and overnight use – now with the benefits of Air-Plus™ technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed with 100% breathable materials throughout
  • 100% breathability ensures a barrier to liquid while allowing air to flow through and heat and humidity to escape
  • The most popular of our overnight diapers, offering the ideal combination of protection, cool comfort, odor reduction and security for a restful night of sleep
  • Unique Kufguards® leg cuffs guide urine to the core
  • Offers rapid absorbency, even for heavy urine
  • Premium superabsorbent core holds and locks in up to 34 oz of urine, even when you are lying down, for full overnight protection (for reference, the average adult releases 8-12 oz, or 1-1.5 cups, when they urinate)
  • Fluid stays in the core and will not be squeezed out, even if you move around in your sleep – allowing you a quality night of rest and premium overnight protection
  • Clothlike material is gentle against your skin and quiet when you move, with a moisture-proof backing that ensures fluid will not leak through
  • Soft leg elastics combine with a form-fitting elastic waistband to create a secure fit
  • In the morning, just pull off the product like regular underwear, or if needed, the sides can tear away for easy removal

OverNight™ Pull Up Diapers help you rest better, with maximum absorbency that keeps you dry and comfortable all night.

Tranquility® Premium DayTime™ Underwear

Tranquility® Premium DayTime™ Underwear provides enhanced discretion with a slimmer profile than its OverNight™ counterpart – now with the benefits of Air-Plus™ technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed with 100% breathable materials throughout
  • 100% breathability ensures a barrier to liquid while allowing air to flow through and heat and humidity to escape; perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Offers all-day cool comfort to help deter diaper rash
  • Unique Kufguards® leg cuffs guide urine to the core
  • Premium superabsorbent core holds and locks in up to 25 oz of urine (for reference, the average adult releases 8-12 oz, or 1-1.5 cups, when they urinate)
  • Fluid stays in the core and will not be squeezed out for leak-free security during everyday activities.
  • Clothlike material is gentle against your skin and quiet when you move, with a moisture-proof backing that ensures fluid will not leak through
  • Soft leg elastics combine with a form-fitting elastic waistband to create a secure fit

When it’s time for a break, just pull off like normal underwear, or if needed, use the tear-away sides for easy removal

Trust Premium DayTime Pull Up Diapers to provide all-day confidence.

Tranquility® Premium Air-Plus™ Bariatric Briefs

Tranquility® Premium AIR Air-Plus™ Bariatric Briefs provide complete skin protection and odor control with our largest 4-5XL plus-sized fit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy absorbency to protect your skin from damaging moisture
  • 100% breathable materials allow heat and humidity to escape and air to circulate – especially important where skin can fold and trap in damaging heat and moisture
  • Among the largest and most comfortable briefs available
  • Extended, stretchable panels for a true 108″ maximum size and a higher rise in the waist
  • Four closure tabs can be opened and re-closed to provide a customized fit and make it easy to check before changing
  • Give you a sense of security with soft elastics around your legs that stop leaks
  • Clothlike material is gentle against your skin and quiet when you move
  • Moisture-proof backing assures you fluid will not leak through
  • Comfortable, uniquely designed Kufguards® leg cuffs keep you leak-free by guiding urine and fecal loss into the core
  • Premium superabsorbent core holds and locks in up to 34 oz (for reference, the average adult releases 8-12 oz, or 1-1.5 cups, when they urinate)
  • Fluid will not be squeezed out when you sit, stand up or move around for security and odor control
  • Indicator for wetness makes it easy and convenient to know when a change is needed, to protect your skin

These are the plus-sized brief of choice if you experience skin issues due to heavy to severe loss of bladder or bowel control.

Tranquility Essential® Breathable Briefs

Clothlike, breathable, tab-style brief offers reliable protection for heavy incontinence.

  • Kufguards® and leg elastics channel fluids into the absorbency target zones, securing leaks and stool, to maintain your confidence.
  • Our superabsorbent core technology locks away urine to provide odor control during your entire wear time for discretion.
  • Breathable sides combined with our superabsorbent core support an ideal micro-climate that neutralizes pH and keeps your skin dry.


Your skin is the body’s natural protective layer against moisture. For those experiencing incontinence and use poor-performing absorbent underwear or disposable briefs, urine can be trapped against the skin, causing serious discomfort, damage, infection or even worse.

This article walks the reader through some of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best adult diapers for sensitive skin, including skin-friendly materials, absorbency, a comfortable fit, wetness-indicating technology and getting your doctor’s recommendation.

The article concluded with us sharing four of our top picks for adult diapers designed to help you maintain healthy skin.

For Additional Assistance

If you need help selecting the right products for your needs, please call a friendly Tranquility Care Center representative at 1-866-865-6101, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST or email CustomerService@pbenet.com.


  1. Are these adult diapers suitable for both men and women with sensitive skin?
    • While adult diapers very by brand, all of the tranquility products mentioned in this article are suitable for both men and women with sensitive skin.
  2. Can I find these products in local stores, or do I need to order them online?
  3. How do I determine the right size for the adult diapers?
    • Here’s a handy guide for getting the right adult diaper size.
  4. Are there any potential side effects of using adult diapers for sensitive skin?
    • Adult diapers typically result in no side-effects, if used correctly.
  5. Can I use these diapers for individuals with severe skin conditions?
    • Yes! The product in this article are intended to be used by individuals with severe skin conditions.

Robert Recker

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