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May 3, 2017
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May 3, 2017

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Just because you or a loved one has urinary incontinence, doesn’t mean you can’t go out, let alone fly out of the country and explore different parts of the world. If you’re worried about having to frequently get up to go the bathroom when you’re on an 18-hour flight, there are solutions to help. With some pre-planning and some patience, you can have the ability to take long trips.

Here are some tips from the National Incontinence Blog:

  • Wear an extra absorbent diaper with wicking capabilities and odor control like Tranquility ATN briefs.
  • Use a booster pad to increase the absorbency of the brief.
  • Bring extras of everything in your carry-on. “Everything” includes briefs, pads, wet wipes, underwear, pants, plastic bags, and diaper rash cream – anything you’ll need to ensure that you stay dry throughout your long flight.
  • When booking your flight, get an aisle seat so that you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors to use the lavatory.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated and drink water. The air cabin on long flights gets extra dry as you ascent into the stratosphere, making you more dehydrated than usual. This can irritate your bladder and make you want to urinate more.
  • If bladder control is really a problem, look for flights with layovers, rather than a direct flight. Unfortunately this means your flight will be much longer, but the time between your bathroom breaks will be shorter.


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Overflow incontinence is involuntary urination. The bladder muscles are unable to contain urine under pressure and feel like the bladder is unable to be emptied completely.

The involuntary loss of bladder and/or bowel.


Super-Absorbent Polymer, otherwise referred to as SAP, are small beads when dry that turn into a gel when liquid is absorbed.

No, doubling up on products that contain a moisture barrier will not increase absorption. Briefs, disposable underwear and pads/ liners are typically designed with a moisture proof backing that stops the urine from passing through. This approach to adding more capacity or addressing leakage concerns only works if the second product is a “flow-through” design with no moisture proof backing.

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