~Incontinence Tip of the Month: Try Before You Buy~

Everyone’s body type is different, and the incontinence product that works for one person might not work for you. So what’s the secret to finding the right product? Sampling! It’s a cost-effective (often free) way to test out new types of products and complementary products.

4 Reasons to Sample

  1. The right style. Certain incontinence products can be better or worse for you based on your activity level and level of incontinence. Generally, Disposable Absorbent Underwear are for adults mobile enough to use pull-on style diapers. Briefs (tape-tab style diapers) are often best for people with less mobility, or who like to tighten and retighten their product. Trying different samples will help you determine which type of product matches your comfortability preference and lifestyle.
  2. The right size. A medium in one brand might not be a medium in another. If you normally wear large underwear, you may not be a size large in incontinence products. Sampling is the best way to determine what size you need for the product or products you like.
  3. The right absorbency. Incontinence products vary greatly in the level of absorbency they can hold. For adults with light to moderate incontinence, a product with 8 oz – 28 oz of capacity (pad, shield, liner, or guard) may suffice. However, if you experience moderate to heavy incontinence you will want a product with greater capacity (brief or disposable absorbent underwear). Samples are the most affordable method to determining what will meet your needs. Often it is best to speak with an Incontinence Specialist about your incontinence and lifestyle and they can recommend products to give you options for you to sample.
  4. Complementary products. There are multiple complementary incontinence products that can help you manage your incontinence. Booster pads and underpads are two products you can pair with other absorbent products for additional protection. Cleansing wipes are also a great item to have handy in case of an accident and for easy sanitation. Sampling our booster pad and underpad options will let you affordably determine if you will use these products and which are most helpful and comfortable.

Make sure you’re using the best product for your individual needs. If you haven’t already, you can receive a free sample from Tranquility products! Shop our wide selection of incontinence product samples today!

If you need help determining which type of incontinence underwear to sample, check out How to Choose the Best Incontinence Underwear & Adult Diapers.