How to Control Urinary Incontinence Odor: Diet, Products & Tips

March 8, 2024

By Hayley Milne

Senior Man

There are many concerns among people with urinary incontinence. One of these concerns is how to control the odors associated with incontinence while trying to manage your bladder issues, especially when in public or around friends and family.

Controlling bladder incontinence odor can be a challenge for those experiencing bladder leaks, but there are several ways to help neutralize urine odor.

One key factor is staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, while also checking for urinary tract infections.

Wearing a diaper with odor control and changing briefs regularly can also be effective in managing bladder leaks and reducing odor.

Here are the main solutions for reducing the odor from urinary incontinence.

Drink water.

Oftentimes, foul urine odors come from not drinking enough water. Low fluid intake can cause urine to smell bad.

If you drink less, your urine becomes concentrated and will have a foul odor. Plus, dehydration can irritate the bladder, creating frequent urges to go.

Check for urinary tract infections.

This is another common cause of foul odors. If you suspect that you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), or other related conditions, contact your doctor as soon as possible. UTIs can typically be treated with antibiotics from a doctor.

Conditions like diabetes and liver or kidney diseases may alter the composition of urine, leading to an unpleasant odor. Seeking medical advice from a doctor and addressing these conditions is crucial for both overall health and managing urine odor.

How to control odor from urinary incontinence

Some adult briefs and other incontinence products come with built-in odor control to minimize the strong smell of urine odor. The majority of Tranquility Products have features that help to minimize urine odor.

Odor Control: Look for incontinence products with urine odor neutralizing technology

When urinary incontinence occurs, be sure to look for products that have built in odor eliminators or neutralizers. Through the absorption and neutralization of pH, Tranquility products help remove any urine smell and odor to keep wearers smelling clean and fresh. It is the high levels of pH in urine that causes the unpleasant smell, so neutralization is key when shopping for absorbent products and incontinence protection briefs or pads.

Change briefs regularly.

Even if your brief features odor control, you still need to change it often, especially after soiling. This not only helps with odor, but also helps in maintaining good hygiene and overall body cleanliness. Infrequent changing can also lead to urine leaks and soiled clothes.

Diet, Food, Medications and Supplements

The food we consume can significantly impact the odor of our urine. Certain foods, such as asparagus, coffee and certain spices contain compounds that, when metabolized, can give urine a distinct and sometimes strong odor.

Being mindful of one’s diet and moderating the consumption of these foods can contribute to a less pronounced urine scent.

Incorporating citrus fruits and cranberry juice into your fluids can add a refreshing twist while contributing to less odor.

Certain medications and supplements can influence the odor of urine. Antibiotics, vitamins and specific prescription drugs may contribute to changes in scent. While these changes are often harmless, consulting with healthcare professionals about potential side effects and adjustments to medication can help mitigate any unwanted smells.

For those using urinary collection devices, using deodorizing tablets in a urinary collection device can help neutralize smells during incontinence episodes.

Cleaning Hacks

Bladder accidents happen, and they can’t always be prevented. These strategies will help you clean effectively. Learn how to dissolve urine crystals, eliminate odors and maintain a fresh living environment.

Cleaning Hacks for Bladder Leaks:

After an incontinence episode, grab paper towels or a clean towel to absorb excess pee, preventing it from seeping deeper into surfaces. Dispose of used towels promptly to minimize the chance of odor development.

Wash any sheets, bedding or any other fabrics quickly. Strip any soiled clothing off the skin and body to stay clean and avoid skin irritation or infection. Remember that dry skin is happy skin. Leaving urine sitting on the body for more than 15 minutes can irritate and lead to skin breakdown.

Utilize commercial cleansers to remove a foul smell in the air. For a natural approach, try white vinegar! You can create your own solution with one part white vinegar with hot water. Regularly clean affected areas to dissolve urine crystals and eliminate odours. Sometimes cracking a window is the best air freshener.

Consider investing in a black light. A black light inspection can reveal stain areas and residual pee or bacteria that could use a wash. This method ensures a thorough clean, addressing potential odour sources that might be overlooked.

For reusable parts like clothing, store them in an airtight container to contain odours until you can wash them properly. This prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps your living space fresh.

Choose the Right Urine Collection Devices:

Opt for Tranquility’s incontinence pads, briefs, underwear and other incontinence supplies designed for optimal absorption. In some instances, urine collection devices may be beneficial.

Root Cause Addressing:

Consider lifestyle changes to address the root cause of incontinence episodes. Stay hydrated, monitor food choices and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice regarding common causes and other medical conditions. Understanding the source is crucial for effective odour elimination.


Tranquility Products presents a comprehensive guide on managing urinary incontinence odors, offering practical solutions and product recommendations. The article emphasizes the importance of keeping hydrated to prevent concentrated odors and checking for UTIs. It suggests wearing high-quality incontinence products and changing them regularly for effective smell management. The impact of food choices, medications and supplements on odor is explored, with suggestions on moderating food choices. The article also provides cleaning hacks, including the use of commercial cleansers and black lights for a thorough cleanup.

Tranquility’s commitment to odor elimination is highlighted, emphasizing the significance of choosing the right incontinence products for optimal absorption.

Overall, the article empowers individuals dealing with urinary incontinence to maintain freshness through a combination of lifestyle changes, proper product selection and effective cleaning practices.

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