How to Control Urinary Incontinence Odor: Diet, Products & Tips

December 15, 2022

Senior ManThere are many concerns among people with urinary incontinence. One of these concerns is how to control the odors associated with incontinence while trying to manage your bladder issues, especially when in public or around friends and family.  Here are some tips and strategies from the National Incontinence blog to help minimize urinary incontinence odors and keep you smelling and feeling fresh all day.

Drink water.

Oftentimes, foul urine odors come from not drinking enough water. If you drink less, your urine becomes concentrated and will have a foul odor. Plus, dehydration can irritate the bladder, creating frequent urges to go.

Check for urinary tract infections.

This is another common cause of foul odors. If you suspect that you have a UTI, contact your doctor as soon as possible. UTIs can be treated with antibiotics.

Wear a diaper with odor control.

Some adult briefs come with built-in odor control to minimize the strong smell of urine. All Tranquility Products eliminate urine odor.

Change briefs regularly.

Even if your brief features odor control, you still need to change it often, especially after soiling. This not only helps with odor control but keeps your brief from leaking and giving you diaper rashes.

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