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7 Tips for Finding the Best Diapers for Men

Diapers are diapers, right? No! Adult diapers aren’t one-size-fits-all, and as such there are

Man Depressed

The Emotional Aspects of Urinary Incontinence

When you or someone you know is diagnosed with urinary incontinence, the first details that normally

Diabetes: Frequent Urination, Incontinence, & Nerve Damage

A common cause of incontinence in men and women is nerve damage. Muscles and nerves work in tandem t

Daughter and Mother Elderly

Alzheimer’s and Incontinence: Answers to Caregiver Questions

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be a very trying experience, especially for so

Daughter and Mother2

How to Buy Adult Diapers: 4 Things to Consider

Millions of Americans experience incontinence. If you know someone that is starting to have decrease

How Nerve-Sparing Robotic Surgery Changed Incontinence

20 years ago, a prostatectomy (the surgical procedure to remove part or the entire prostate) involve

Seniors Excercising

Loss of Muscle Strength Resulting in Incontinence

As we age, we slowly lose some of our muscle mass and strength. It is a natural aspect of aging... <


Too Old for a Prostate Exam?

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death for men in the United States. Approxima

Prostate and Urinary Tract

Enlarged Prostate and Incontinence

By age 60, men have a 50% chance of having an enlarged prostate. That increases to 90% by age 85!...

Tranquility Male Guard

Introducing the Tranquility Male Guard – For Men!

Tranquility® is proud to announce the Male Guard™: a brand-new product designed specifically for

~Monthly Incontinence Tips!~

Each month we will provide you with 2-3 tips about how to manage incontinence! This month’s tips w

Bathtub with Safety Grab Bars

Caregiver Support: Studies Highlight Three Ways to Prevent Falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls among older adults result

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