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How to Buy Overnight Incontinence Products: 4 Things to Consider 

There are many different types of adult diapers available on the market today and each one has its o

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How to Control Urinary Incontinence Odor: Diet, Products & Tips

There are many concerns among people with urinary incontinence. One of these concerns is how to con

The Best Diaper Creams for Adults with Sensitive Skin

Diaper rash can impact individuals of all ages, from adults to babies and toddlers, especially those

How to Choose the Best Incontinence Underwear for Heavy Leakage

More than 46 million Americans are affected by either bladder of bowel control issues. As a manufact

‘Person-Centered’ Wellness: Helping Activity & Incontinence Coexist

I recently read an article, “Person-Centered Wellness is the Key to the Future,” published in co

Does FSA Cover Incontince Products?

Does FSA Cover Adult Diapers & Incontinence Products?

Table of Contents Different Types of FSAs What Expenses are Eligible? Can I use my FSA to Purchase M

7 Tips for Finding the Best Diapers for Men

Diapers are diapers, right? No! Adult diapers aren’t one-size-fits-all, and as such there are

9 Tips for Finding the Best Women’s Diapers to Stay Dry & Confident All Day

Adult diapers are often a part of everyday life, and they don’t have to be embarrassing. In fa

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The Emotional Aspects of Urinary Incontinence

When you or someone you know is diagnosed with urinary incontinence, the first details that normally

6 Most Popular Types of Diaper for Adults With Pros & Cons

When it comes to selecting the right adult diaper, it’s essential to consider factors such as

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Adult Disposable Underwear for Swimming: Finding the Best Waterproof Adult Swim Diapers

Adult swim diapers help people with incontinence stay clean and dry while they are swimming. These d


Does Medicaid Cover Incontinence Supplies or Adult Diapers?

Medicaid is a public health insurance program in each state for individuals and families who may be

What is Incontinence: Types, Causes and All You Need to Know

Part 1: The Basics Welcome to the Incontinence Guide, presented by Tranquility® Products. Incontine

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. To help raise awareness for Developmen

5 Best Overnight Adult Diapers to Keep You Dry While You Sleep

Last Updated: March 20, 2024 If you’re an adult who suffers from incontinence, there’s n

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The Primary Differences Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are often used interchangeably. But did you know that Alzheimer

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3 Types of Medications Used to Treat Urinary Incontinence

One of the most common treatments for incontinence is medication. In some cases, medication is the b

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Adult Diaper Banks: What Are They & How To Find One Nearby

Adults that experience incontinence know it can be challenging to constantly keep adult diapers on h

Where to Buy Tranquility® Overnight Pull-Ons

Disposable protective underwear, sometimes referred to as “pull-ons” or “adult diapers,” hav

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The Main Signs of Poor Incontinence Care in Nursing Homes

More than 50% of nursing home residents experience some type of incontinence. More than 75% of long-

Tips & Uses of Booster Pads for Adults With Incontinence

Booster pads are a multi-functional incontinence solution with many applications for children and ad

A Mother’s Medicaid Story: I Didn’t Know We Could Receive Tranquility®

Note: The names used in this story have been changed to protect identities. A mother, Maggie, lives

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How to Buy Adult Diapers: 4 Things to Consider

Millions of Americans experience incontinence. If you know someone that is starting to have decrease

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You’re Not Alone: New Research Shows 1 in 6 Adults Have Incontinence.

Incontinence is a highly personal and private medical condition that can be very difficult to open u

Doctor and patient discuss Medicaid options

How to Receive Booster Pads & Incontinence Supplies through Medicaid

Are you or someone you care for experiencing leakage, odors or uncomfortable wetness in their dispos

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3 Caregiving & Incontinence Tips: Caring for a Loved One with Incontinence

Caring for a loved one can be a very rewarding experience. However, caregiving also has its challeng

Tranquility® is updating its product lineup!

Tranquility® is focused on innovating its superabsorbent incontinence solutions to improve quality

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Polypharmacy & Incontinence: Can Combining Medications Cause Frequent Urination?

Polypharmacy is the term used to define taking multiple medications at the same time to treat one or

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How Tranquility Improves IP and HAI Practices

By: Judy Borcherdt, RN, BSN, CWCMS; Linsee Nungester, LPN; Nathan Sheffer, MGS Average time to read:


Reduce Healthcare-Acquired Infections

Incontinence Care Practices and The Impact on HAI By: Judy Borcherdt, RN, BSN, CWCMS and Linsee Nung

Infection Prevention & Incontinence Care

During COVID-19 and Beyond By: Judy Borcherdt, RN, BSN, CWCMS and Linsee Nungester, LPN Average time

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Anticholinergics and Older Adults

Anticholinergics (Ant-I-Cul-In-Urge-Ics) are drugs used to stop involuntary muscle movements. These

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Caregiving, Incontinence, and Frontotemporal Dementia

In this feature, we conducted an interview with Candace Williams, a caregiver to her mother and blog

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Best Practices for Care Providers to Ensure Minimal Contact During COVID-19

Currently we are living in a time of great uncertainty, and it can be even more frightening if you a

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Managing Incontinence During COVID-19

Thank you Thank you to the 2.6 million active nurses in the U.S.A. who have answered the call and ar

How Nerve-Sparing Robotic Surgery Changed Incontinence

20 years ago, a prostatectomy (the surgical procedure to remove part or the entire prostate) involve

Four generations of women

Sandwich Generation and Incontinence

The Sandwich Generation is the group of adults, typically ages 40-60, who are simultaneously caring

Hidden Costs of Incontinence Iceberg

The Hidden Costs of Incontinence

In over 30 years of servicing adults with incontinence, DMEs (Durable Medical Equipment companies),

Memory Care Resident

Memory Care and Incontinence

Memory Care Units are dedicated areas of a nursing home or assisted living facility that are specifi

Cancer, Radiation, and Incontinence Pads

Many cancer patients experience incontinence as an effect of radiation treatment. Prostate cancer is

Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Urologist

If you are experiencing loss of bladder control or an overactive bladder, also known as incontinence


Too Old for a Prostate Exam?

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death for men in the United States. Approxima

Alzheimer’s and Incontinence – By the Simon Foundation for Continence

The following content is from The Informer, a publication by The Simon Foundation for Continence. Al

~ Monthly Incontinence Tips: Benefit with Swimmates® ~

For children and adults dealing with bladder and/or bowel loss, going for a swim may seem like somet

Tranquility ATN – The “Just Right” Incontinence Product

Below is an article was written by a loyal Tranquility Products wearer. For confidentiality purposes

The Growth and Challenges of Assisted Living

Assisted Living facilities and communities are growing rapidly across the United States. The trend a

~Incontinence Tip of the Month: Try Before You Buy~

Everyone’s body type is different, and the incontinence product that works for one person might no

How Much Does This Diaper Hold?

If you’ve ever sat down in a wet, cold, uncomfortable diaper, you know that what matters most in a

Sleep Disturbances and Incontinence

Getting enough sleep is crucial to your health and well-being. Nighttime sleep disruptions are commo

~ Monthly Incontinence Tip: Maintain a Healthy Weight ~

Did you know weight an incontinence are directly related? People who are overweight are more likely

Regain your Freedom with the Right Adult Diaper

If you are struggling with incontinence, finding the right product can be life-changing. We hear sto

Bathroom Safety – Not Worth the Risk

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among older Americans. One in four Americans over the age of

Bladder Health Awareness Month

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month, and this year, we would like to share some pieces from o

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Market Growth for Adult Diapers reports that the market growth for adult diapers and incontinence products o

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How to Reduce the Symptoms of Incontinence

Incontinence has numerous causes and a spectrum of severities. Although battling incontinence sympto

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Why Double Diapering Is Not the Best Solution for You

It’s become common practice for caregivers and consumers alike to try double diapering, or lay

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The Comfortable Choice for Adult Diapers

Adult Diaper Fit Tranquility customers compliment us on the sizing and fit of our briefs and underwe

Facts Myths

Busting the Myths About Incontinence

Incontinence is a condition that affects over 46 million people in the U.S. However, despite its pre


DYK: Hydrocephalus and urinary incontinence issues

Tranquility offers an extensive array of products to meet a full range of incontinence needs. Some p

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Exploring the World with Incontinence

Just because you or a loved one has urinary incontinence, doesn’t mean you can’t go out, let alo

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Caring for Loved Ones with Nighttime Incontinence

By: Melissa Napier, MS, BSN Nurse Consultant, Principle Business Enterprises Sleep. One-third of ou

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Incontinence and Diabetes

February is known as the “Heart Month” for the celebrations of Valentine’s Day and

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Strokes and Incontinence

February is a known as the “Heart Month” for the celebrations of Valentine’s Day a

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Caregiver Support: Studies Highlight Three Ways to Prevent Falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls among older adults result

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Adult Diapers: Choose the Correct Product for Your Active Lifestyle

Far too often, we find that people who have to wear adult diapers for a period of time feel that...

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